FALLING brief OF HEAVENCharacters Involved:Expiration Date:
Ashe and also Catherine

When you begin this Paralogue fight Catherine will certainly come asking you because that a favor. Remember the plot to assault Rhea (which was merely a diversion, but we digress..)? Yeah, we"re going come go specific some retribution ~ above the western Church. Hooray! A divine war! Ashe will overhear and also given the effects this schism has had on his adoptive family he"ll ask come come along, and ultimately gets his way.

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The Assassins space potent in melee combat, and won"t wait come engage, being keen to run east along the northern end of the map, most likely engaging within two or 3 turns - it is in wary of their potential unwelcome illustration in the woods come the north and also northwest. An in similar way the Pegasus Knights to the northeast and also east most likely will advancement as well, however there"s a good counter come them - archers, of course. If you have the right to move one archer right into the woodlands to the east they"ll most likely be foolish enough to engage. Just make sure your archers deserve to take a struggle (the cover listed by the woodlands should aid with this) and also have the nearby Counter ability and the Pegasus Knights should confront an ignominious death. As for the Assassins, you have to dedicate your article potent melee systems to engaging lock - an Armored Knight, or any character v high PRT - will execute well. Bonus points if their assault Speed is adequate to avoid getting struck twice.

To the northeast and also southeast you challenge different threats: Armored Knights and also Cavaliers, respectively. The latter are slow-moving while the previous are rapid so long as they protect against forests, and also both are reasonably weak come magic. If friend can tempt them right into attacking sturdy warrior of your own, your casters deserve to counterattack and also wipe lock out fairly easily. At some point it may be much easier to usage your casters to dispatch the Armored Knights, as any type of Cavaliers you fail to dispatch quickly will likely ride about your warrior to assault softer targets. If you find this to it is in the case, equipping the warriors you send to the southeast with
Lady Rhea"s defensive stats space high sufficient to ward off most attacks, and also she likewise packs fairly a punch.

Move your devices to force favorable encounters, as pointed out above, use central casters to actors Physic from afar to save injured systems in the fight, and as for protecting Lady Rhea... You shouldn"t problem too much, as she"s quite an effective in her own right. The opponent Cavaliers, Armored Knights and assorted casters should have trouble harming she at all provided her high PRT and also RSL scores, and also her shield will certainly replenish some shed HP every turn. Your only real issue as far as she"s pertained to is if several stronger devices - Assassins and/or Pegasus Knights - reach she in a quick span of time. If you take it the steps suggested above, this need to be unlikely, but there is a complication that can make this an ext likely come occur.


Left come their very own devices, opponent Priests will summon reinforcements. Kill them to placed a protect against to your mischief.

Along the eastern and western edges of the map are a priest unit, which will otherwise be content to stand around and do nothing however irregularly summon reinforcements... Generally in the form of of much more Pegasus Knights. Her archers in the eastern should have tiny trouble shooting under the original team of Pegasus Knights, after ~ which it shouldn"t be difficult at all for one to press east and kill the monk there. To the west, however, consider sending one of your very own Pegasus Knights to eliminate the Priest. The last point you need on this map room Pegasus Knights showing up at an regrettably time.

Defeat the Dark Bishop come the northwest to score a Secret Book, while your rewards because that finishing the battle will include some Shoes of the Wind and also the Gaspard Knights Battalion.

Once many of the aforementioned units have actually been smote you deserve to just run down the clock, if friend wish, yet there"s sweetheart to it is in had beating the two abovementioned Dark Bishops lurking in the northwestern and also southeastern corners. Both have quite high stats (they"re a enhance for Lady Rhea, in fact!), with incredible magic damage output and RSL, and also their PRT isn"t as well shabby, either. You"ll certainly want to interact them v units that deserve to take part spell damage, and again, the Pegasus Knight renders a an excellent candidate, especially because they have the right to attack, climate fly out of range if they should avoid reprisals.

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The Dark Bishop in the northwestern edge will drop a Secret Book when defeated while the one to the southeast yields a Steel Shield. Lock can"t every be winners, eh? another caster (west of whereby you start) has actually a Torch which... Well, it"s there. Success the battle and also you"ll receive Shoes of the Wind (permanent movement +1, an extremely nice!), a Critical Ring and also some Umbral stole x1. You"ll additionally get the Gaspard Knights Battalion after the fight finishes.