SUMMARY Transmigrated into the human body of a cannon fodder villain, Chu Yu has actually three major worries: 1. How deserve to he help the protagonist turn into a real harem master? 2. How deserve to he develop a good relationship through the protagonist? 3. How have the right to he live properly without hold on to the protagonist’s thigh? The protagonist has actually three significant worries: 1. Eldest disciple brothers has readjusted 2. Eldest disciple brother has actually really adjusted 3. How can he marry eldest disciple brother? System: Congratulations! ~ Sprinkle flowers ~ prosper Old with each other Happily! Chu Yu: … Wait, what around the harem novel? ﹏﹏﹏ COUPLE DYNAMIC Younger gong x enlarge shou Shidi x Shixiong

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CHU YU ※ (MC, Shou) A webnovel reader that transmigrated right into a famed xianxia novel has a honorable temperament actually a lovely and also caring human Witty and smart pretty sharp and also sensible kind of dense, but not denial around accepting his feeling in the direction of ML

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XIE XI ※ (ML, Gong) The protagonist in the initial novel A determined person Cold to others but became like a puppy when he v MC Possessive and protective in the direction of MC an extremely clingy constantly thirsty because that MC


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▶ If you choose transmigration story with amazing plot and strong characters then check out this novel! ▶ The mechanism is therefore hilarious!! There will certainly be a lot of funny and also silly dialogues in between the system and the MC. ▶ pair dynamic is interesting. Their connection started together Shixiong and Shidi. Lock live alongside each other and also those do their bonding strong. ▶ The character breakthrough is great! they matured and became stronger as time passed, and each advance will it is in noticeable. ▶ exciting side characters. ▶ This story composed beautifully, periodically touching, periodically serious, and also sometimes simply silly moments. But still a many sweets!!! (and sexy sex-related tension) ▶ Fish? What fish? Hehe girlfriend will read a many "want come eat fish" term in the story. ▶ ML is very clingy, you will certainly love that if you prefer puppy-like-gong. ▶ It's younger love interest, who wouldn't prefer it? Jsjsjsjsksk ▶ There room 3 next couples!