Debra: "The power"? ns mean, why would he? Oh!Amy: What?Debra: Oh, my God. Oh, mine God! He has actually been turning me down on purpose!Amy: Oh, no. Why would he perform that?Debra: for the power! He think it gives him the top hand or something.

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Amy: Well, that"s gross. Hey, but look on the bright side. This means you"re tho hot.Debra: the course i am! The worst component about this is that it worked. I"ve been trying to make myself look better for him. Execute you understand I did 138 sit-ups this morning? every for some man whose stomach looks prefer a deflated clown balloon?Amy: Oh, boy. You"re gonna kill him, aren"t you?Debra: No. No, I want him alive.

Debra: Robert called Amy why you"ve been turning me down.Ray: I dislike that guy!Debra: So you were just toying v me? acquiring me come beg because that sex that makes you feeling good?!Ray: No! No, i don"t know. I just I guess: v I wanted to see what the was like to be the one being sought for once.Debra: however you make me feeling terrible about myself! You simply kept rejecting me. How could you perform that to somebody?Ray: What?Debra: You had actually me convinced I was a fat, ugly old lady!Ray: Well, now you know just how I feel! you feel bad because i turned girlfriend down, what, 3 times? try being rejected 40 or 50 times because that the critical 10 years. Just how do friend think the feels? You"re looking at the chairman of the fat, ugly old ladies" club. Welcome! have a donut!Debra: over there is no method I turn you down that much. And I say yes a lot!Ray: Exactly. You to speak yes and you speak no. You"re- You"re the bouncer in front of the disco who decides who gets in and who doesn"t. And also for once, it to be you was standing outside. Yeah, and also you couldn"t take it. Yeah, it"s cold out there, isn"t it, standing in the rain through your negative shirt and also your acne pimples?

Ray: I"m still gonna go, and you know what? I might go tomorrow due to the fact that I have the right to do whatever I want.Robert: What execute you mean?Ray: every right, you believed I couldn"t turn down Debra, right? two times, mine friend! Yeah. Critical night i told her the I had actually a the majority of work to do today. Work! and then- and also then very first thing this morning, she began hinting again. She also brushed she teeth and everything, yet no sale! Oh, it"s amazing. It"s choose every time I turn her down, she seems to desire it more. She"s prefer a guy.Robert: and also she"s not getting upset?Ray: No, no, that"s simply it. She"s been treating me far better all day. I came in this morning, she to be making me a cheese omelet. I mean, she hasn"t excellent that due to the fact that before ally was born. Ns mean, yeah, it had shells in it, however still... You recognize what I"ve discovered? The power of "no."

Marie: Oh, don"t those watch nice?Amy: Yeah. Ns don"t understand why Robert had actually such a difficult time putting them increase yesterday.Marie: Well, the can"t handle normal-sized tools with those giant fingers. Here, push that curtain end a small so us don"t check out his blood.

Amy: I"m sure it"s no you. Hey, perhaps he"s sick.Debra: Nah. I wish the was, but, oh, man, who am i kidding? ns should just go v Marie to the "Y," placed on a flowery swimming cap and also float around with the old ladies.Amy: you know, it"s funny you bringing this up, since last night once Robert and I visited bed, he was acting type of distant too. However then I just kissed his neck and also he said, "Ray"s crazy."Debra: he did?Amy: Yeah. And then he said something around how I can have every the power. It was weird. He normally doesn"t prefer to cite Ray in the bedroom. He claims it inhibits him.

Robert: Oh, "the strength of no". Give me a break.Ray: Hey, that gets come hit a bucket of balls in the center of the day?Robert: Yeah, well, that"s simply the difference between me and you, Raymond: You like to golf by yourself and also have a crappy omelet if I choose sex.

Ray: No, man, you"re not getting it. Debra can"t store her hands off me. It"s favor with the strength of "no" come the power of "yes." Uh-huh. For the first time in mine marriage, I finally know what it"s like to it is in the one wearing the panties.Robert: You have actually a wrong and generally troubled relationship.Ray: No, no, no, i don"t. It"s an extremely right.Robert: Well, allow me ask girlfriend something. Why carry out you constantly feel the should be manipulative once it concerns sex?Ray: due to the fact that I"m no very great at it.

Amy: Debra, you"re really upset around this.Ray keeps turning me down.Amy: What execute you mean? Sex?Debra: Yeah.Amy: that doesn"t sound choose him. He usually follows you approximately with his tongue hanging out.Debra: ns know.

Debra: over there is no method you deserve to compare me turning you down v what you did to me! Listen, Ray, if I turn you down, that is because I am tired from taking care of three kids all day and thinking of everything that I have to do the following day!Ray: Still utilizing the kids, huh?Debra: Oh, my God, ns can"t think I ever wanted to have sex with you!Ray: Well, girlfriend don"t have to worry because I"m not sure the next time you"re gaining sex indigenous me.Debra: Oh, you"re threaten me v no sex? Please.Ray: You will be speak "please" "pretty please through sugar top top top."Debra: Ha! Ha!Ray: I"m serious. I don"t understand when I"ll it is in in the the atmosphere again.Debra: friend are always in the mood. Girlfriend wouldn"t critical a night.

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Ray: I just did three nights, Lady Pantaloons. Okay? therefore we"ll see who can"t last.Debra: five my, exactly how will I ever resist my baser instincts?Ray: I favor that. I favor the southern thing. That"ll be good when friend come back saying, "Pretty please with sugar ~ above top."