If you have the DF-PPA-10 error, climate this guide should be able to aid you fix the problem. The error, i m sorry is often accompanied with the blog post ‘Error Retrieving information From Server,’ is usually regarded billing verification. Below, we have actually two methods for resolving any type of identity confirmation problems and also one an approach that will occupational for those the have already confirmed their identity and also address.

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Method 1: Verify Identity

The most common reason because that the article DF-PPA-10 error blog post is due to an account suspension. In this case, the post is displayed due to the fact that your Google play account or Google Wallet has been temporarily exposed for safety and security reasons.

There are a number of reasons why this might happen, yet it’s usually associated to large transactions within apps from her mobile or tablet. To defend your safety, you will should verify your identity in this case. Follow the steps listed below to verify her identity.


If you in the UK/US:

Sign into google.com/payments

Click the settings symbol in the optimal right corner

Click the blue ‘verify’ button in the ‘Verify identity’ button

Enter the necessary an individual details and also click verify your identity

If you’re from external the UK/US (EU):

Visit support.google.com/payments/contact/bvid

Attach the compelled legal documents

Ensure the records attached complement the name and birth date detailed on your Google account

Click submit

This process can take as much as 48 hrs to complete

Method 2: Correct house & Billing Address

If the DF-PPA-10 error is tho unresolved, you may need to exactly your residence & billing address. If you are using a gifted prepaid credit card as a payment option, you must adjust your home and also billing address to the attend to that to be issued through the card.

To readjust your home & billing address, monitor the actions below:

Sign right into google.com/payments

Click the settings symbol in the top right corner

Under the deal with section click the blue ‘edit’ button

Adjust your resolve to the billing deal with used on her payment method

Save your brand-new address

Next, click ‘payment methods’ ~ above the tab on the left side of the screen

Find the payment technique you’d choose to edit

Click the ‘edit’ button

Click the ‘billing address’ button and also click add brand-new address

Add a brand-new address and also save your changes

If her payment option cannot be edited, remove the payment option and re-add it v the exactly billing address

Method 3: eliminate Updates native Google Play keep Application

If neither of the 2 methods over have listed a equipment for the DF-PPA-10 error, girlfriend may try removing updates native the Google beat Store app on your smartphone or tablet. This have the right to resolve the issue in part cases, however usually only once the other techniques cannot it is in used. Right here is how to remove updates from the Google play Store:

First, disable auto-updates:


Open the Google Play keep app

Tap the menu icon on the peak left that the screen

Scroll down and also tap settings

Tap the ‘auto-update apps’ option and also select ‘Do not auto-update apps

Now, uninstall vault updates


Tap setups on your impacted device

Tap ‘apps

Search for and also open Google beat Store

Tap ‘storage

Tap ‘clear data’ and also ‘clear cache

Go back and climate tap ‘force stop

Repeat measures 1-6 v the ‘download manager’ app.

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Hopefully one of these methods can assist you to fix DF-PPA-10 once and also for all.