“Lots of familiar actors and also actresses, a rock cold killer as the villain, beautiful horses, and lovely countryside views. Saddle up. Right here we go." -- Susanlynn“And the dies. An ext crying ensues. OK, deserve to we begin revenging now?" -- Adriana Noel

Monday, January 16, 2017

Having just uncovered that her middle-aged boyfriend is notonly a freeloader, together her dad warned, but also a lying jerk v a long background ofusing and also dumping affluent women, and also that he"s around to carry false fraud charges againsther ex, Daniela tears out of Ricardo"s apartment and drives off like a maniac. Shesoon gets into a significant car accident, flipping she car. As shocked passersbysurround her car and call for help, Daniela’s fate is unclear.

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Meanwhile, Ricardo decides to rescue what services he canfrom his short relationship through Daniela, prior to she spills the beans to all.He calls increase Alfredo and tells that he now believes Dani deserves a younger (andbetter) guy than himself. That agrees to dump Dani if Al pays up together promised. He’lltext Al the amount that wants and his financial institution account number to transfer the money,ASAP. Ric next calls increase someone who he requirements to see appropriate away.
Milagros makes a contact to Alfredo to confirm that she nowknows the Lucia’s mother’s surname was indeed Adriana. She conveniently hangs increase whenMarcelo come home. They comment on his not successful chat v Dani—she’s stilldetermined to stick v that lout (patán) Ric. Mili do the efforts to to convince Marcelothat the best method to gain over Lucia is to acquire a leg over Daniela (un clavo sacaotro clavo/one pond drives the end another). Marcelo’s to be there, excellent her, andhas no desire to repeat it—he’s in love through Lucia, no Dani.
Teresa bring a tray that dinner come a sad, pensive Lucia inher room, identified to do her eat. Lucia swears that she ate already at TiaMagdalena’s house. Tere knows that Lucia is therefore down because she battled withMarcelo—Lalo called her. She lists all of Marcelo’s good qualities. Lucia knows.She’s the one who can’t give him what the needs. Well, Lucia much better get her assin equipment (poner las pilas), since there room all type of hos (lagartonas) outthere, prepared to snap a good man up! (Lucia’s confront at this vivid commentaryis hilarious.)

Lucia alters the subject and also asks Tere around Lalo. Terehappily speak her that they are now officially novios. Lucia provides her a bighug and also tells Tere the Lalo is a great man. Tere agrees that he’s a reallygood person.
Lalo’s evening enjoy the meal of Lala Milk and pastries is interruptedby a knock in ~ the door. It’s his new neighbor, Clara. She’s come to ask that ifhe knows of any easily accessible cleaning jobs. Lalo would love come help, yet thefactory where he works is currently topsy turvy (patas para arriba). See howdisappointed she is, Lalo provides Clara a project cleaning/washing/shopping for himtwice a week. That apologizes for no being able come pay her much. Clara’s justgrateful and also thanks him profusely. He it s okay his spare an essential from that hiding placein the bird cage, and also tells she he trusts her and has a great feeling around her.She’ll begin tomorrow.


Alfredo call his investigator to tell the that, the thethree women he asked him come investigate, he should pay distinct attention toRebeca Murillo. It’s likely that she’s used the name Adriana Murillo. Al thengets a call no parent wants to get. Something’s taken place to Dani.
Turns the end Ric called Amador, who annoyed to have actually beensummoned so so late to Ric’s place. Ric shoves the fraud charge paper at Amadorand demands to know just who is Marcelo Escalante. Why go he recognize DanielaSuarez—you know, the girl whose testimony placed your child in jail? Amador revealsthat Dani is/was Marcelo’s fiancé or girl friend or something. Why? Amador is shockedto discover that Dani was Ric’s current target…er, girlfriend. “What room you doing with such a advanced kid/brat (escuincla)?”Ric points the end that the real concern here is that Dani just saw every the fraudcharge documents. “How can you be suchan idiot?! Why go you show her the papers?!” Ric speak him it was anaccident, and she likely didn’t understand much, yet she’s most likely going towarn Marcelo (poner sobre aviso). However, he no think the it’ll helpMarcelo much, because he won’t have actually time to mountain a defense (un amparo) before he’sarrested. He just thought that should inform Amador, just like Amador need to haveinformed HIM! Amador throw the blame back on Ric because that his unprofessionalism andirresponsibility (is there such a thing among criminals?). “I nothing understand exactly how you can havegotten connected with a girl who’s half your age, that could practically be yourdaughter?!” Pot accomplish kettle, responds Ric. The reminds Amador that he wasrecently associated with a girl simply a small older 보다 Dani, who’s also nowDEAD, under strange circumstance. Amador backs down and leaves there is no a word. “That’s what ns thought. Bye.”

Rebeca wakes Nora increase from deep sleep in the middle of thenight, to grill her around Daniela and if her last surname is Suarez. Does Noraknow her father’s surname or if she has actually siblings? Nora is fifty percent asleep and also totallyconfused, yet confirms that Suarez is her last name and she to be the one whosetestimony placed Rodrigo in jail for her cousin’s murder. Why? Rebeca renders up anunconvincing excuse about it being practically if Dani knows about the Lucia-Marcelobreakup and tries to obtain him back. Once out in the hallway, Rebeca has a minifreakout. “Oh my God! He’s she father!”
Alfredo, meanwhile, is in the hospital panicking and also tryingto situate Dani. He’s sent out to immediate care.
Brigida is waiting up for Amador, having actually a coffee, when hegets back. He is vague about why Ric want to check out him, however confides that hedoesn’t to trust Ric’s skills. Brigida doesn’t know why Amador rental him.She then turns the speak to gossip, and also asks if Ric ever confided why the dumpedMagda at the altar. Amador provides Brigida part juicy gossip by informing her thatRic said he did it for one more woman-- Amador doesn’t understand who. And also on optimal ofthat, Ric claims to have a daughter-- Amador doesn’t understand with whom. ThenAmador gives Brigida the juiciest item of gossip that all—Ric’s been dating thatstupid girl, Daniela Suarez! that tidbit gets Brigida hot. The girl accusedRod of killing Amador’s lover! She can’t also hear the girl’s name, and shehopes she and also Marcelo go to hell! lock dated, right? “Yep. Marcelo Escalante Fuentes. We’ll need to pray that that sillygirl (babosa) doesn’t damage our plans.” Brigida is left utterly confused bywhat Amador means by this. What plans?
The next morning, Mili pounds top top Marcelo’s door. He to be inthe shower and didn’t hear his cabinet phone. Mili shares the great news thatDani remained in an accident critical night, and Alfredo is a wreck due to the fact that he doesn’tknow anyone right here or anyone who can aid get him info in the hospital. Marcelowill gain dressed best away.
Rebeca doesn’t offer Lucia, who’s also fresh from the shower,the courtesy that waiting prior to barging in. She speak Lucia the the willreading is happening the morning, choose now. Lucia will certainly be prepared in 10 minutes!Downstairs, Magda has actually just come to inspect on Lucia. Rebeca comes down thestairs, looking very pleased through herself. She proper manages come look sincereas she many thanks Magda for taking such an excellent care that Lucia when she to be sick. Itwas her girlfriend Sara, that attended her, right? “Not simply her, but an additional doctor who reviewed the medical analysisLucia had done. He pointed out something the I assumed was very strange…ApparentlyLucia ingested something that provoked a series of ailments (malestares). Butyou recognize what’s odd? She no remember taking anything. Carry out you understand what itcould have been?” Rebeca tries come come up v her ideal cluelessly innocentface, then insurance claims she has actually NO IDEA what it might have been. Magda puts she cardson the table and tells Rebeca the she to know she go it, due to the fact that she detestsLucia! Rebeca calls her crazy. Magda’s not having actually it. “Watch your back, Rebeca! Because, as I’ve told you many times, Luciais no alone!” Rebeca seems more than ready for the fight.
Lucia’s arrival ends the linguistic duel, and Rebeca provides apoint to protect against Lucia ~ above the stairs, laugh at her and also touch her, and ask exactly how she’sfeeling, if Magda stares daggers at her. Lucia hugs and kisses Magda, andconfides in her that she’s going to seek Marcelo the end to speak to him. Shedoesn’t know if she’s prepared to get back together v him, but she wants to apologizefor being so crude oil (grosera), and also wants that to understand that she loves him. Magdaapproves.
Marcelo and Mili room rushing the end of his structure to go tothe hospital, as soon as detectives and also officers come to tell him he’s under arrestfor fraud. Mili starts suggesting with the cops, defending her child as being honestand honorable. They room not moved. Marcelo no waste time. He provides Milihis cell phone, through instructions to call Mario Hernandez because that his legitimate representation,and speak to Sara Ezquerra because that her assist at the hospital. The cops cuff him and takehim away.
Clara is do the efforts to convince Benito to come v her end toLalo’s, due to the fact that his Madrina can’t come sit with him today. He insists he have the right to beleft alone. He is mad at she for no calling the detective, so the she can clearup the situation and also they can leave she in peace. Clara refuses. After sheleaves, Benito searches for and finds Detective Ramos’ card.
I’m not also going come laugh, because my 78 year-old daddoesn’t know just how to usage a smart phone, and doesn’t desire to know. It’s takingMili and also Rafaela working together to number out how to get to Marcelo’s contact to find and call Mario and also Sara. They eventually get that done.
The Gaxiola women space SLAYING their corresponding navy blue andblack ensembles, together they sashay into the judge’s chambers for the will reading.
Mario greets them in ~ the door the the conference room, butonly Lucia has actually the courtesy of returning his greetings and kissing that hello.He steps out as soon as he it s okay the desperate speak to from Milagros. He assures her he’lltake treatment of it, then calls Sergio come ask him to head under to the policestation to deal with the Marcelo problem, until he can complete up v the willreading. He speak Sergio to it is in discreet, and especially not cite the situation toLeticia.
Rebeca picks up top top Mario’s worry, yet he insurance claims it’s just awork problem he needs to take treatment of later. Nazario to walk in, which renders Luciahappy, yet not Rebeca. Mario explains that Alonso do Naz the executor(albacea) that his will. Rebeca is really no pleased now. The judge arrives andbegins to check out the last will and testament that Alonso Gaxiola Beltrán.
The detective in ~ the station defines the charges to Marceloand the process. Hell be hosted there until his bail hearing. Together Marcelo isbeing taken away to the cells, Detective Ramos establish him and stops in histracks wonder what is walk on.
Back to the will certainly reading… The main gist of that is thatLucia and also Nora get all of the money and properties (that contains the house),50/50. Rebeca is around to have a fit! “There’snothing because that me, his wife?!” yet we’renot done. Now we gain to Al’s share (acciones) in Talavera Gaxiola…40% forLucia; 40% because that Nora; and also 20% for Rebeca. However wait, transforms out Al made a finalmodification, and the judge is walk to honor it. Al’s last instructions werethat Lucia and Nora still gain 40% each, but Rebeca just gets 10%. Rebeca jumpsout of her seat to protest. That is gaining HER various other 10%?! Nazario calmly says,“Me.” and also he’s gained the papers thatshow the legal deliver of the shares to his name. Oh, snap! Mario take away thedocuments indigenous Naz and gives them come the judge. Everyone’s face reactions aregreat, but Rebeca’s are simply epic. LOL!
Lucia is happy to rub this great new advancement inRebeca’s face. “As girlfriend see, mine godfatheris additionally now an owner the the factory. And also now no you, no one anyone, have the right to fire him.”They all authorize the legit documents, and also Rebeca storms the end angrily. Noraseems pleased that she got precisely what Lucia got, and much more than her mother got.Lucia excitedly walks out hand-in-hand v her padrino. She desires to go to thefábrica appropriate now and also throw this in Amador’s face. Naz first wants to knowabout the maybe-baby. Lucia offers him the update that it was simply a falsealarm.
At the hospital, Sara philosophies Alfredo and introduces herself,explaining the she’s Marcelo’s friend and here come help. She spoke through Dani’sdoctor, and also she’s in an excellent hands. She defines that they room still waiting ontest results to do a diagnosis of Dani’s condition. Sara does him the favorof taking him to see Dani with the intensive treatment window. She is unconsciousand top top a ventilator. Al worries and cries at see his daughter in this state.

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The cops permit Sergio right into the cell to watch his customer Marcelo.The two recognize of each other, yet this is the first time they’re really meeting.Sergio describes that Mario will arrive as soon as he’s excellent with an additional client.Marcelo swears he’s not guilty, and he to know who’s behind framing him—Rebeca Murilloand she accomplice, Amador Zúñiga! Sergio do the efforts to store his poker confront upon hear his BFF’s dad gift accused of framing someone because that fraud. Heassures Marcelo he has nothing to concern about, if that’s true. The referee willdetermine if he can come the end on bail (salir bajo fianza), but Mario and Sergioare ~ above it.
Rebeca and also Nora arrive home. Nora’s still on a high, whileRebeca is around to explode. She can’t believe that Al only left she crumbs(migajas)! Nora points the end that Al most likely took into factor to consider that Rebecahas her own fortune the she inherited from she parents, that she hasn’t eventouched. Rebeca says it’s not the same, and also she’s really pissed the he tookthe shares that were supposed to be hers and also gave castle to that old man! and also she’soffended the he didn’t leaving her any component of the house. “Don’t worry. I’m half owner, and also I won’t leave you in the street”, saysan oh so generosity Nora. But, Lucia might not feeling the same, so probably theyshould offer to buy she half.
Rebeca no think it is a bad idea, but right currently hermain concern is the fábrica, due to the fact that that’s what really has actually value. “You and I have to be an ext united 보다 everto do decisions. Because surely your sister will certainly ally through her padrino. Andwe can’t permit them to take what’s OURS!” Nora wants to understand what they’regoing come do about Amador, since he’s quiet a partner (socio). Rebeca says sheknows exactly how to handle him.
Ric call Amador and informs him the Marcelo is in thepokey. Amador wants to go out for a celebratory drink, yet Ric has to go to thebank. Amador yells because that Normita. Due to the fact that he doesn’t get a response, he goes out tothe north reception area, and keeps walking towards the courtyard, where allthe employees are gathered, neighboring Naz and Lucia. Lalo congratulates Nazon his return and gives the a large hug. Every the other employees clap. Luciaannounces that Naz is back to stay! if looking end at Amador, she pointedlysays, “No one, ever before again, have the right to push himout that here! v the wishes/orders (disposición) of my father, that is nowalso an owner.” Happy applause and also cheers native the employees. Amador is notso happy. Ha!
Lucia asks Normita wherein Marcelo is. No clue. Lucia decidesto wait because that him in his office. In ~ the hospital, Alfredo thanks Sara because that herhelp, then Mili approaches him. He speak her how nice Marcelo’s friend Sara hasbeen come him, however it’s evident Marcelo no care around Dani, otherwise he’dbe here. Mili breaks the news come him that Marcelo’s arrest for fraud. Marcelo’sphone rings, and when Mili sees the Lucia calling, she ignores it, mumblingthat Lucia is responsible because that all your misfortunes. Meanwhile, Lucia’s worried the Marcelo didn’tanswer, but she doesn’t want to deal with his momster by calling his housephone. Dani’s attending medical professional arrives and also tells Al and Mili the Dani has actually an intracranialhematoma, and they’ve induced a coma come prevent added damage. Now theyjust need to wait to see if the hematoma grow or disappears. “Does this average my daughter might die?” “Yes.If the hematoma no disappear, and also we have to operate, the opportunities of thathappening space high.” Alfredo is impactado and heartbroken.