A professional company that bring a communal/family vibe come its talent. The is an extremely obvious the ownership cares about the success the the models castle represent, and offer helpful direction to achieve success in the industry.

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8 months has passed due to the fact that i go a shoot for dynasty. I was an alleged get paid within 100 days per there contract. They have still no paid me and also every time i contact them they speak they room still wait for payment from the customer or they perform not respond. SCAM

Incredible endure with empire Models. They were responsive, efficient, and a satisfied to acquire to know. Past grateful come be represented by this talent monitoring team.

I contacted this agency to try to authorize up my 4-year-old daughter and also was very impressed through how conveniently I got a solution and exactly how willing the team was to speak come me over Zoom regarding my daughter joining the agency. Ns am also really impressed by the work that this agency have created for your models and feel the the work are an extremely fun for children and also are remarkable experiences. There appears to it is in a large database of clients the this agency has and this is very important as it means that over there is a high chance that mine daughter could get a project from any of this clients.

My boy started dynasty when he was 3 years old . His previous clients covers LL Bean, pottery Barn Kids, babylegs, Hasbro,…. Etc. He has actually done a few videos for car safety & an additional one for vehicle seats . He additionally did a commercial because that Emerson Hospital . He is now 8 years old & we have ongoing with the partnership . His dream is come be component of a Disney movie.

We recently signed with empire to stand for our 7 year old son. After ~ doing part research and also getting feedback from rather in the market with regard to agencies, we decided to authorize with Dynasty. Their staff is responsive and also professional, through a casual method which puts brand-new clients as ease. They have walked us through the procedure and I obtain a sense of genuine interest in my son’s career. We might never get a call, but the process has to be exciting and also positive for this reason far.

Anyone who has grown up in the Boston area knows Dynasty’s great professional and long standing background for being one of the finest modeling agencies, yet recently I got the chance to endure this first-hand when my daughter became interested in modeling.What we really have appreciated is exactly how welcoming and informative they have been. Lock take the moment to explain the industry’s existing needs, as I’m certain these are ever-changing, especially during the period of Covid. Us feel safe, informed and well sustained at every times. Ours experience has been really positive!

I have always been interested in ending up being a model, so i finally made decision to accomplish my dreams and also talk to empire Models around joining the firm and ns am very glad the I reached out. I had actually a conversation ~ above Zoom v Nav and also he walked me with the entire process of joining the firm and what it way to it is in a part of one agency. He was honest in his talk v me and also I felt like he only wanted me to join if i was 100% ready to join, which was super crucial to me since I like to take my time and make a decision. Ns have discovered my talk v Nav and the application procedure to be an extremely professional and an suffer where ns have complete freedom ~ above the photos and information the I want on my portfolio.

My boy is now going ~ above his 2nd year with dynasty. He had actually a couple of different agency’s interested at the start and also I to be so happy we decided to go through dynasty! indigenous the start they were incredibly professional and helped united state understand how the modeling human being works. We constantly felt the the empire team was doing whatever they can to save him busy and also get him out there. I additionally love that this agency has grown so lot over the previous year and we are excited to check out what the future hold and to grow in addition to it! say thanks to you guys!

Dynasty is the finest Model firm in new England.I had actually the satisfied to it is in there because that one year in 2014/15 doing countless fashion shows, it was a really an excellent experience. Right now, 5 years later, I have actually a 7 months infant boy and also I decision to come back to the company but now with my baby. Ns am a 100% sure that we will be on numerous projects together as a photoshoot or proclaiming campaigns. Thats my dream and also I know with empire I have the right to make the come true.

I to be a new member that the dynasty family! together an amateur design it was quite intimidating recognize an firm that was appropriate for me. After all my research empire seemed to have the finest reputation, and also they sure lived as much as it! So far it has actually been smooth sailing, I even landed my an initial job in much less than a month! thanks to the advice and also guidance from the empire team ns feel all set and fully supported in this new endeavor! ns would extremely recommend empire to any aspiring models who want to take that following step!

My endure with dynasty thus much has been great! lock are an extremely professional and are awesome at communicating. It’s rarely to uncover an agency that functions quickly and also efficiently. Ns look front to the occupational I will do with castle in the future.

Excited to it is in working through this team of great professionals. Friendly and helpful team best in the heart of boston!

Very helpful, in just a few days I have learned a lot and also can’t wait to watch what rather I discover from this experience! never modeled before and also they guided me right through it.

Has cure me an extremely well, particularly as someone new to modeling. Took great pictures and also gave me tips to elevate to the following level!

I’ve to be a component of the empire family for just a couple of weeks now and also am currently just blown away by the guidance, encouragement, and also focused attention offered to me so far by Nav and his team. I’m an extremely excited for this opportunity and also what the future will certainly bring!

I had actually recently joined this agency and castle have currently given me so many great tips and also helped overview me in the right direction. Have actually never been so happy with a agency so helpful.

Ive been an amateur model/actress in Boston because that 3 years and also was a component of DMT because that a few months. I perform NOT introduce them. Theyre extremely impersonal, not offer numerous opportunities, and also I am still waiting on moneys fan from practically 6 months ago. They space not an firm that is focused on your clients, theyre simply concentrated on signing together many civilization as possible make money. As a part of signing with them lock ask because that a fairly far-ranging amount of money just to be a part of the agency and take a greater percentage of the models paycheck than any type of other company I know.

Dynasty Models is managed by a really friendly and also easy walk staff! Theyre an extremely accommodating by supplying classes on go the runway, posing, make-up, and even acting and also improv. Ns ecstatic to it is in signed with Dynasty due to the fact that they do whatever they can to assist your job be a success! no to point out their clients, Macys and Coca Cola to name a couple, room intimidating. But, the support and training you get with dynasty gets you prepared to job-related with such huge name clients!

Dynasty firm in Boston is an remarkable modeling agency!! for this reason helpful and professional!! I extremely recommend this agency

Whenever i go over there I have the finest experience v meeting new people. And learning. That and much more in the workshops! ns love the new location, perform beautifully decorated! Love all the world there!

I had actually recently simply signed with empire models and also so much I have really took pleasure in my experience. Empire models is stop a both professional and comforting environment, and also I’m excited to start my journey through Nav, Morgan, and Archie!

Being represented by dynasty Models and also Talent has actually been a true blessing. Not only have I landing gigs and also opportunities but having an amazing team occupational behind me and promote mine artistry to the human being has been a true gift. Moving to L.A i feel prepared for the next level of mine success. Hollywood below I come! say thanks to you dynasty for blazing the trail and also encouraging me to it is in the finest talent I deserve to be!

We have had a good experience with dynasty! mine 4 year old daughter has loved the experience so far. Us attended an open casting and we are now all collection up with the company. The process was easy and the staff was helpful. We room looking forward to working v the company much more!

I have had actually a an excellent experience with dynasty Models & Talent. Due to the fact that I signed with them, their entire team has actually been really helpful and also pleasant to job-related with. I started receiving emails for work within the first week that joining and also would introduce them to anyone do the efforts to go after a job or part-time work-related in the industry.

It has been a an excellent experience so far, I have actually no complaints. Both the agents and also the staff have actually been an extremely welcoming. Any questions I had actually were answer in a fashionable fashion.

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Sought out dynasty Modeling as a reference from a friend. Come in for the open interview through my granddaughter and also signed that day!! really impressed with the professionalism and also knowledge the the staff. They are always willing to give guidance and also support. At sight excited to check out where this journey will take us. Would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Great experience! really professional and yet kind and welcoming. Therefore glad we crossed paths Dynasty. Mine 5 year old son has actually been with empire for a little over a year now. That had numerous jobs, good opportunities and loved every minute the it. We just added my now 10month old daughter to the family.I love how helpful and informative they are.Even if there are no work we hear indigenous them at least once a week, which is impressive for such liven industry.Definitely a company you want to be a component of if you space serious around your modeling