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Fans that Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 will notification a large change this March. No it"s no a brand-new update, Bandai Namco is an altering servers for PS4 users.

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According to the official Bandai Namco site, the Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 PS4 migrate will occur on in march 20 come add more room for brand-new players and maintenance. This will also keep the game"s virtual performance consistent.

The Bandai Namco website does provide some necessary information and also answers inquiries Xenoverse 2 players might have about the server migration. Right here are several of the highlights:


Bandai NamcoThe current Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 server will not be closed. However, there will be no an ext update or online occasions on that server. From March 20, football player will have a choice to pick either "Original Conton City" - the old server - or "New Conton City" - brand-new server. You can likewise choose come move in between the two servers anytime.

If there won"t be any type of updates or online events, what will certainly be in the old server? decision Raids, digital matching, parallel quests and also expert missions will remain obtainable for those that don"t do the move. However, while Bandai Namco doesn"t have a date to near the old servers the is likely happening later on so save that in mind.

With the server migration, there will certainly be some details that is shed in the move. The complying with data will certainly be lost with the migration:

Unlimited Rank match PointResults the the Tenkaichi TournamentOnline event RankingsPresent HistoryPresents remaining while ServiceOnline TitlesFavorite list HistoryPlayers Met History

So if you want to save your favorites and the name of the players you met online, jot them down to conserve them again once you move to the new server.

To compensate because that losses, Bandai Namco will certainly distribute 500 TP Medals come those that log right into the brand-new server between March 20 and also April 20.

Again, this server migration will only influence PS4 players. Yet if you choose to play offline girlfriend won"t need to move to the new server. Girlfriend won"t have actually the selection after march 20 to pick which server.

Dragon sphere Xenoverse 2 is available now because that PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and also PC.

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What execute you think the the server migration? will certainly you be impacted by this change? allow us recognize in the comments ar below.