A Dragon ball Fusions overview by godzillahomerTable that Contents1. Version background 2. Title 3. DLC title 4. Stat rise Total <5TAT>5. Special thanks 6. Intake on various other Sites Version history 1.0 - wrote list and also Submitted to Gamefaqs contains all the Base game Titles1.1 - addressed error whereby music-from-a.com wasn"t on allowed list1.2 - Added more to the reminder for broken Down Warrior1.3 - Minor update to resolve a couple of spelling errors1.4 - solved typo on beat time target Added more detail to G rank Power1.5 - added in a an unified stat boost total section included in the 3 DLC titlesTitle perform KeyTitleRequirementBonusKamehamehaUse 10 unique MovesMelee +5Galick GunUse 100 unique MovesKi Blast +5Big Bang AttackUse 250 one-of-a-kind MovesMelee +10Spirit BombsUse 500 distinct MovesDefense +20NewbieFight 30 BattlesMelee +5Budding FighterFight 100 BattlesHP +100VeteranFight 250 BattlesDefense +10Town ChampionWin 15 BattlesKi Blast +5Universal ChampionWin 50 BattlesHP +100Legendary ChampionWin 200 BattlesMelee +10Knockout NoviceKO 30 EnemiesMelee +5Knockout ProKO 100 EnemiesHP +100Knockout MasterKO 250 EnemiesKi Blast +10Ring the end NoviceRing the end 30 EnemiesKi Blast +5Ring out ProRing the end 100 EnemiesHP +100Ring the end MasterRing out 250 EnemiesMelee +10Support NovicePerform 20 support AttacksMelee +5Support ProPerform 150 assistance AttacksHP +100Support MasterPerform 500 assistance AttacksKi Blast +10Healing NoviceHeal 5,000 HP (Not in ~ Once)Ki Blast +5Healing ProHeal 50,000 HP (Not in ~ Once)HP +100Healing MasterHeal 100,000 HP (Not in ~ Once)Defense +10TraineeDeal 50,000 HP of damage (Not in ~ Once)Melee +5MasterDeal 500,000 HP of damages (Not at Once)HP + 100DestroyerDeal 5,000,000 HP of damage (Not in ~ Once)Ki Blast +10MummyTake 50,000 HP of damages (Not at Once)Defense +5Senzu p AddictTake 500,000 HP of damages (Not at Once)HP +100BedheadTake 5,000,000 HP of damage (Not at Once)HP +200Strong Ultra FuserDo 5 Ultra FusionsHP +100Extreme Ultra FuserDo 10 Ultra FusionsMelee +5Legendary Ultra FuserDo 25 Ultra FusionsDefense +10Dragon round FanGet 10/10 ~ above 2 QuizzesHP +100Dragon sphere ProfessorGet 10/10 on 8 QuizzesHP +200Dragon round MasterGet 10/10 top top 16 QuizzesHP +400Hyberbolic Time LordPlay for 40 HoursHP +200Shenron SummonerMake 1 wish on the Dragon Balls (In-Story wish does not Count)HP +100Pupiritt ParoMake 2 desire on the Dragon Balls (In-Story great Does no Count)HP +200Retro Hair StylistMake 5 wishes on the Dragon Balls (In-Story wish does no Count)HP +400Earth"s FastestFly 1,000 Feet/MetersHP +100The Universe"s fastestFly 10,000 Feet/MetersHP +200Time and Space"s FastestFly 100,000 Feet/MetersHP +200MeandererClear 5 below EventsHP +100True WandererClear 10 below EventsHP +100Transcendentally KnownClear 20 below EventsDefense +5Transcendental CelebrityClear 40 below EventsHP +200Walking FusionClear 60 sub EventsHP +400Fusion MasterClear 65 below EventsHP +500SaiyanGet 100 Red energy (Counts spent Energy)Defense +5Super SaiyanGet 1,000 Red power (Counts spent Energy)Defense +5Bwa Ha Ha HaGet 5,000 Red energy (Counts spent Energy)Defense +10EarthlingGet 100 Blue energy (Counts spent Energy)HP +100Super EarthlingGet 1,000 Blue power (Counts spent Energy)HP +100Mwa Ha Ha HaGet 5,000 Blue power (Counts spent Energy)Defense +10OffworlderGet 100 Purple power (Counts invested Energy)Ki Blast +5Super OffworlderGet 1,000 Purple energy (Counts spent Energy)Ki Blast +5Gya Ha Ha HaGet 5,000 Purple power (Counts spent Energy)Ki Blast +10AlienGet 100 Yellow energy (Counts spent Energy)Melee +5Super AlienGet 1,000 Yellow energy (Counts invested Energy)Melee +5Ho Ho HoGet 5,000 Yellow energy (Counts spent Energy)Melee +10NamekianGet 100 Green power (Counts invested Energy)HP +100Super NamekianGet 1,000 Green power (Counts spent Energy)HP +100Heh Heh HehGet 5,000 Green power (Counts spent Energy)Defense +10Friend SeekerRecruit 10 CharactersKi Blast +5Enemy SeekerRecruit 50 CharactersHP +100Rival SeekerRecruit 100 CharactersHP +200Special relocate NoviceGet 25 unique MovesHP +100Special relocate ProGet 100 unique MovesKi Blast +5Special move MasterGet 300 unique MovesHP +200Sunday EnvoyWin the Sunday tournament on Floor 5Melee +5Monday FighterWin the Monday tournament on Floor 5Ki Blast +5Tuesday ChallengerWin the Tuesday competition on Floor 5Defense +5Wedmesday StrongmanWin the Wednesday tournament on Floor 5Melee +5Thursday LegendWin the Thursday competition on Floor 5Ki Blast +5Friday HeroWin the Friday tournament on Floor 5Defense +5Saturday RulerWin the Staurday tournament on Floor 5HP +100Top DogWin Every daily Tournament on Floor 5Defense +20Numero UnoBeat Every 100 male Fight TeamMelee +25Greatest FuserGet a strength Level of 100 Million or much more (900 Million prior to the Patch)HP +400Greatest Fuser?Get a strength Level below 1,000HP +200Legendary CameramanDo 5 picture FusionsDefense +5Splendid FighterBuy/Get 10 OutfitsHP +100Flashy FighterBuy/Get 25 OutfitsKi Blast +5Hotshot FighterBuy/Get 50 OutfitsHP +200BookwormView 5 Dragon HistoriesHP +100BrainiacView 15 Dragon HistoriesKi Blast +10ScholarView 30 Dragon HistoriesMelee +20Ph.DView every 40 Dragon HistoriesDefense +25Special relocate ManiacGet 11 special Moves from the move MachineHP +100Special move CollectorGet 33 special Moves native the move MachineDefense +5Special move ProfessorGet 77 distinct Moves indigenous the relocate MachineHP +200Special skill NoviceUse 5 distinct SkillsHP +100Special ability ProUse 15 unique SkillsDefense +5Special ability RulerUse 30 special SkillsHP +200Double ShooterHit 2 opponents at once with a Special move 30 TimesHP +100Triple ShooterHit 3 opponents at once with a Special relocate 20 TimesMelee +5Ultra ShooterHit 4 adversaries at when with a Special move 10 TimesDefense +5Miracle ShooterHit 5 enemies at when with a Special move 5 TimesKi Blast +10Note: It"s straightforward to target 5 at as soon as if you use a Zenkai Attack and also a right line relocate like Kamehameha in ~ the begin of a battleA location PowerDeal 10,000 damage in One AttackHP +200S rank PowerDeal 50,000 damage in One AttackHP +200G rank PowerDeal 200,000 damages in One AttackHP +200Note 1: because that an much easier time usage a high power move that hits multiple targets; A relocate like Godlike BB Kamehameha works well for thisNote 2: If girlfriend don"t have the patch, you can obtain it by targetting your allies with a move like Spehere of devastation or Supernova; The Patch make this no much longer workBeat up WarriorTake 5,000 damage in One AttackHP +200Tired Old WarriorTake 50,000 damages in One AttackHP +200Broken under WarriorTake 100,000 damages in One AttackHP +200Note: It"s basic if you team your fighters up and let a high level enemy hit you all with a move with a vast area of attack like death Ball, spirit Bomb, or spirit Blade, you likewise don"t need to survive the attack.Novice Team PlayerHave 1 Teammate sign up with in a Support strike 30 TimesMelee +5Expert Team PlayerHave 2 Teammates sign up with in a Support attack 20 TimesDefense +5Supreme Team PlayerHave 3 Teammates sign up with in a Support attack 10 TimesHP +200Legendary Team PlayerHave 4 Teammates sign up with in a Support strike 5 TimesHP +200Note: This is easier if you have your team members be the same form and raceDouble KOGet 30 twin KOsKi Blast +5Triple KOGet 20 Triple KOsDefense +5Ultra KOGet 10 Quadruple KOsMelee +10Miracle KOGet 5 Quintuple KOsKi Blast +20Note: very easy if you use Ultra fusion or a Zenkai strike on weak foesA location WarriorPerform 5 EX FusionsKi Blast +5S location WarriorPerform 10 EX FusionsMelee +5G rank WarriorPerform 20 EX FusionsHP +200Dragon sphere LoverComplete Every Non-DLC cultivate ObjectiveLuck +10Note: This is the only rise you"ll gain to her Luck indigenous the TitlesDLC titles There are three titles introduced in the DLC patch.All three space from Ziku-kan Quests, you deserve to use any type of team you desire forthese Quests, you"re not minimal by the allude system here.Ziku-kan Quests deserve to be accessed on the Spaceship and in Capsule Corp atthe interactions Facility.KeyTitleRequirementBonusUnyielding SpiritBeat the Ziku-kan Quest: Darkness ComethMelee +5SaviorBeat the Ziku-kan Quest: HopeHP +100Comqueror of GodsBeat the Ziku-kan Quest: Mortals & GodsKi Blast +10Stat boost Total <5TAT>Without DLCHP +9100Melee +160Ki Blast +145Defense +185Luck +10With DLCHP +9200Melee +165Ki Blast +155Defense +185Luck +10Special thanks A perform to say thanks to those who"ve aided improved mine faqEMPTYUsage on other Sites I"m a simple person, for this reason I"ll save this quick and free of legalmumbo jumboFeel free to usage this on various other sites, just keep to 3 rules1. Don"t pass it off as your own work2. Keep the information free3. Asking me firstTo call me for anything concerned this FAQ, afternoon me top top GamefaqsPermission to hold this FAQ has been given to1.

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