Dragon age Inquisition is an activity role-playing video game that was developed by Bioware and also published by digital Arts. The is the third major addition in the Dragon age franchise and also is a sequel come the previously released Dragon Age: Origins. The game was released worldwide in November 2014 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation.

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Dragon period Inquisition

However, quite freshly a the majority of reports have actually been coming in of the game not launching in home windows 10. Although, users shot to run the executable multiple times the game does no launch. In this article, us will educate you about some of the reasons because of which this difficulty can be motivated and provide you through viable remedies to ensure finish eradication of the problem.

What avoids Dragon Age: Inquisition from Launching?

The reason behind the problem is not details and it can be triggered due to a variety of misconfigurations some of which are:

Background Services: It is feasible that a company running in the background could be bring about the issue. Often, Windows solutions or even other third-party applications have the right to prevent every the elements of the game from functioning correctly, therefore, causing the problem.Missing Files: In some cases, specific game records can come to be corrupted or even go missing. All the game files are important in order because that it to duty and beginning correctly therefore if also a single paper is missing the game won’t launch properly or reason issues in the game.Administrative Privileges: The game can require bureaucratic privileges in bespeak for few of its aspects to role correctly. If the video game has not been granted those privileges it can lead come many problems with that functionality.Full-Screen Optimizations: In some cases, the full-screen optimization function of the windows that was presented to operation the video game as a “borderless Window” and also to smoothen the gameplay could be interfering with particular elements the the game thus avoiding it native launching,Compatibility: Another feasible reason might be the game’s incompatibility v Windows 10. Numerous programs space not readjusted to the design of the home windows 10 properly and also thus cause issues. But luckily home windows 10 consists of a feature in i beg your pardon you can run any type of program in compatibility mode for the ahead versions the Windows.

Now that you have actually a straightforward understanding of the nature that the difficulty we will move forward towards the solutions.

Solution 1: running a Clean boot.

It is possible that a service running in the background might be leading to the issue. Often, Windows services or even other third-party applications have the right to prevent every the aspects of the game from functioning correctly, therefore, causing the problem. In this step, we space going to be booting into Windows without any third party organization or unnecessary Windows services running. Because that that:

Log in to the computer system as an administrator.Click top top the home windows Search bar, type in “msconfig” and press EnterClick on “Services” and check the “Hide all Microsoft Services” boxNow click “Disable All” in order to disable every the 3rd party services from running in the background.
How to disable every servicesNow right-click the “Task Bar” and select task ManagerClick on the Startup tab and also make sure that all the applications are disabled.
Disabling Startup ApplicationsNow Reboot her computerRun the game and also check to view if the error persists.

Solution 2: Verifying game Files.

In part cases, particular game records can become corrupted or also go missing. Every the game files are important in order because that it to role and launch correctly because of this if even a single document is absent the video game won’t launch correctly or reason issues in the game. In this step, we are going to it is in verifying the documents of the game. For that:

Open the Origin client and also sign in to her accountClick on “Game Library” choice on the left pane.Opening “Games Library”Inside the “Game Library” tab, right-click top top “Dragon Age” and also select “Repair Game
Selecting “Repair Game”The customer will begin to verify the game files.Once done, it will certainly automatically download any missing files and replace the corrupted files if any.Run the game and check to view if the trouble persists.

Solution 3: Re-Installing the direct X and VC Redist

The direct X and also VC Redist are noted with the game inside the game installation folder. The is feasible that the variation of straight X or VC Redist that was installed can be coinciding with the game and preventing it from launching. Therefore, in this step, we room going to be installation the DirectX and VC Redist the is recommended. Because that That:

Navigate to the

C:Program documents (x86)Origin GamesDragon age Inquisition\__Installerdirectx edistRun the “DXSetup.exe” and replace the previous versions.Similarly, Navigate toC:Program papers (x86)Origin GamesDragon age Inquisition\__InstallervcRun every the “VCRedist.exe” executables that are present inside the folder and also replace the vault versions.Now restart your computer and also check to check out if the difficulty persists.

Solution 4: Granting governmental Privileges.

The game could require bureaucratic privileges in bespeak for some of its facets to role correctly. If the game has not been granted those privileges it have the right to lead come many concerns with that is functionality. In this step, we room going come be giving the game administrative privileges. For that:

Open the game installation folder, and also rightclick top top the game executable.Select Properties and click on the Compatibility tab.Inside the Compatibility tab inspect the “Run as Administrator” box.Now run the game and also check to view if the trouble persists.
Running together administrator

Solution 5: Disabling Full-Screen Optimizations.

In part cases, the full-screen optimization attribute of the windows that was presented to run the game as a “borderless Window” and to smoothen the gameplay might be interfering with details elements of the video game thus preventing it indigenous launching. In this step we space going to be disabling the Full-screen optimizations because that which:

Open the game installation folder.RightClick ~ above the game executableSelect Properties and click ~ above the Compatibility tabInside the Compatibility tab, check the “Disable Full display Optimizations” box.Now apply her settings.Run the game and also check to watch if the problem persists.
Disabling Fullscreen optimizations.

Solution 6: Troubleshooting Compatibility.

Some gamings don’t totally support the design of windows 10 and therefore regularly run into worries while trying come launch or when playing. Therefore, in this step, we space going to be using the windows troubleshooting device to identify the ideal operating mechanism version to run the video game on. Because that that:

Open the game installation FolderRight-Click on the game executable and select properties.Click top top the “Compatibility” tab and also click ~ above the “Run Compatibility Troubleshooter“.Now Windows will certainly automatically determine the ideal operating system to run the game in compatibility mode for.Click top top “Try recommended Settings” and select “Test“.If the regime runs fine, apply the settings and exit.Run the game and also check to view if the difficulty persists.
Running Compatibility troubleshooter

Solution 7: Disabling Antivirus

In some cases, people use third-party antiviruses i beg your pardon isn’t a poor thing however these programs deserve to sometimes progressive false alarms and prevent a safe program from launching since the antivirus flags it as unsafe. Therefore, the is recommended to totally disable your antivirus, antimalware and any various other security program and check to check out if the video game launches. That is also strongly recommended to include exceptions come the Firewall and also Antivirus for both her game and also origin. For that purpose, you can take the assist of this write-up but simply add steam and DAI instead of steam.

Solution 8: check Specifications

In particular cases, the hardware set up on your computer might not satisfy the minimum demands that have actually been placed forth by the game developers to operation the video game properly. Due to this, the developers periodically stop the game from to run on an underpowered computer and this can cause the specific issue wherein DAI doesn’t launch. Therefore, prior to continuing, verify that your computer matches the minimum requirements of the game.The video game requirements are detailed as follows:

OS: home windows 7 or 8.1 64-bit. CPU: AMD six-core CPU
3.0 GHz. System
 RAM: 8 GB. Graphic card: AMD Radeon HD 7870 or R9 270, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660.You can inspect your PC’s hardware by:

Press windows + “R” to open up the run prompt.Type in “dxdiag” and also press “Enter”.

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Type in dxdiagConfirm any type of other prompts the the system lists and it will display you your computer specs ~ above the following window.Check to watch if your computer is up to the mark.