World war II is on everyone"s mind and in every headline, and also Howie Crispers has a hunch that his school primary is a spy. V a little snooping around, Howie finds out something even more alarming. Primary Lomister may not be a spy, however he is plot to eliminate Howie"s favorite teacher. Howie"s dad is fighting Nazis overseas, and his mommy is working hard to support the battle effort, so miss out on Gossim is the only human Howie can depend on. Through the help of his friends, and a plan worthy that radio show superhero Captain Midnight, Howie intends to save miss out on Gossim!


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Avi is the award-winning author of much more than eighty-two publications for young readers, varying from pet fantasy come gripping historic fiction, snapshot books to young adult novels. Crispin: The cross of command won the Newbery Medal, and also The True Confessions the Charlotte Doyle and Nothing but the reality were vested Newbery Honors. He is likewise the author of the popular Poppy series. Avi resides in Denver, Colorado. Visit him digital at

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Date that Birth:

December 23, 1937

Place of Birth:

New York, new York


University that Wisconsin; M.A. In Library science from Columbia University, 1964

Editorial Reviews

This quick–moving, quickly read story will certainly be appreciated by countless readers.

School Library Joumal

Fast–paced, conversational and also full of surprises.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Chock complete of details native the 1940s residence front.

Queens Parent

…fast dialogue and also lots of lively detail.

ALA Booklist

Well do dialogues zip with brevity and also will keep readers grinning.

Children’s literature Newletter because that Adults

A realistic part of life native America’s war years.

Voice of Youth advocates (VOYA)

Well crafted dialogues zip with brevity and will keep readers grinning.

Children’s literary works Newletter because that Adults

Chock full of details from the 1940s home front.”%COMM_CONTRIB%Queens Parent

Fast–paced, conversational and also full that surprises.

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Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Well crafted dialogues zip with brevity and also will keep readers grinning.