Steve Nash was inducted into the Naismith Basketball room of call on Friday. Nash played six of his 18 NBA seasons with the Dallas Mavericks. Below are 10 things you can not know around the former Mavs" allude guard.

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The basics

Steve Nash was born on Feb. 7, 1974 in Johannesburg, south Africa. Nash to visit Santa Clara University and also was bring away by the Phoenix Suns in the 1996 NBA Draft. Nash played because that the Suns, Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers in his 18-year NBA career. He ranks No. 3 in assists all-time with 10,335.


Nash, Michael Finley and Dirk Nowitzki formed a big 3 in Dallas that took the Mavericks back to NBA relevancy. With Don Nelson as their head coach, the Mavericks were 222-106 indigenous 2000-04.

Owner note Cuban chosen not to re-sign Nash in cost-free agency, and Nash went ago to whereby his career started in Phoenix. The rest history. Nash winner back-to-back MVPs and also became among the league"s superstars. Nash never obtained to the Finals, however. The Mavericks ended up obtaining to two Finals v Nowitzki and won in 2011. Still, Cuban to know he make a mistake letting Nash go.

"Nash made me look choose an idiot,"" Cuban claimed of his decision come let him go in totally free agency in 2004. "Our medical professionals were telling us the it was going to be difficult for the to continue playing at the level he was at. And here he is signing a three-year transaction at (38).

Bromance through Dirk

Nash and Nowitzki have actually a close partnership from your time in addition to the Mavericks. In fact, it was Nash who assisted Dirk obtain comfortable ~ coming end from Germany. Nowitzki considered staying in Germany, however Nash eased his worries:

When he very first arrived in Dallas, the team take it him to Lombardo"s custom Apparel to gain his very first suit to wear because that a press conference. Meeting his future team members at the push conference and afterward assisted Nowitzki to feel comfortable through the Mavericks.

"That"s as soon as I met Nashie because that the very first time, because they flew him in because that the press conference. It sort of clicked indigenous there. Ns think ~ above my 2nd night, Nellie threw a tiny barbecue in ~ his house for me, and also Fin came and also Strick came," Nowitzki recalled. "Nashie to be there and some the the other males who to be in town. Ns just obtained to mingle a tiny bit and also meet them and speak as lot as I might with my English."

The two also sat down over dinner and discussed what can have been had they continued to be together in Dallas

They"ve come a long way since they both originally joined the Mavericks. Simply look in ~ those hair choices.

Dirk Nowitzki, Don Nelson, and also Steve Nash. (1998)

— SportsTalkFeed (

Injury plagued ending

Nash left Phoenix in 2012 to sign up with the Los Angeles Lakers in wishes of winning a ring. That teamed up v Kobe Bryant and also Dwight Howard to kind what many thought would certainly be a supervisor team.

Can’t think this Steve Nash/Dwight Howard cover is less than 5 years old.

— SI Vault (

It was no fun. Nash was limited to simply 65 gamings in two periods with the Lakers indigenous 2012-14 as result of various injuries. He injured his leg in his second game v the Lakers and also was never ever the very same after that. Nash planned to play in the 2014-15 season, yet he aggravated his back forcing him into retirement.

Battles versus his old team


ORG XMIT: *S18D80AD7* Phoenix's Steve Nash (13) drives for a shot previous Dallas' Dirk Nowitzki (41) throughout the very first half that the video game 6 that the NBA west Conference Finals in between the Dallas Mavericks and also the Phoenix Suns at the united state Airways facility in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday, June 3, 2006. (BRAD LOPER / 104643)

Nash had actually plenty that battles versus the Mavericks after leaving the team in 2004.

Nash and also the Suns to win Dirk and also the Mavs in the 2004 western Conference Semis, where he put up 48 clues in game 4 and 39 in game 6.

Nowitzki and also the Mavericks got their revenge in the complying with year"s western Conference Finals, which Dallas winner 4-2. Nowitzki score 50 points and also grabbed 12 rebounds in a vast Game 5 victory.

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Soccer love

Nash may have actually played basketball professionally, however he can love soccer also more. Nash annually hosts a charity soccer video game in brand-new York City and also is among the owner of the Vancouver Whitecaps. That avidly play soccer growing up and told Sports depicted it aided him become a much better basketball player:

"Obviously they"re fully different sports--one"s through your feet, one"s v your hands--but as much as spacing, connectivity through your teammates, movement, passing, defending, there space similarities," Nash says. "I most likely wouldn"t have been one NBA player if i didn"t carry a distinctive perspective born in football to the video game of basketball.

"In soccer, you always have to have actually your head ~ above a swivel and be thinking before you gain the ball. You need to see wherein you"re going to go v it or what your alternatives are prior to you get it. And that"s not the means a many of kids grow up playing basketball. Therefore that gave me one awareness and also a mentality to be a step ahead of the defense and also be predicting angles and also opportunities prior to they arise. Therefore it"s something that I moved over."