I wanted to put my graphics map on the 2nd (lower) PCIe slot of my Asus Rog Strix-F x470. Reviewing video clip guides, it appears that people normally put them ~ above the peak slot, and also that most motherboards need this/work finest this way.

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How can I find out if mine motherboard supports putting my graphics map on the reduced PCIe slot?

Here's an image of the motherboard. You can see that there room three slots. The slot I desire to placed my GTX 1070 Ti in is the second one. It claims it has 2 PCIe 3.0 x 16 slots, so ns assume they're both similar in form and function?


Yep that matters.

The height slot is linked directly to the CPU, the bottom slot is associated via the chipset.

You'll an alert little difference though until after you put something else into the top slot.

edit. I was wrong. Both PCI-E 3.0 x 16 slots are linked directly come the CPU, however the second slot have the right to only operation in x8 mode.

That's no true. It's a 16x connect that can be bifurcated to 8x/8x because that CF / SLI.

The 2.0 slots are the chipset ones.

Thank you. A small disappointed, i admit, since that method the card is going come cover/hide the warmth sink and the neat style of the heatsink (it says "Republic of Gamers").

It depends on the motherboard manufacturer, and the easiest method to discover out is to try it and see.

The top x16 slot is definitely physically and electrically x16. The middle slot is mostly used after the very first slot is already populated, and also the PCIe lanes are split x8 x8 in between the height two slots.

Knowing this, part manufacturers do the 2nd slot x16 physically however only x8 electrically to save money, since it has actually no result on double GPU setups and also only impacts if you use the 2nd slot only.

It doesn't really make any type of difference come be ethical with you.

Wherever look at nicer come you will work.

You need to be fine putting it in the center pcie slot. There is a boy difference between pcie 3 and also pcie 2 where some games run far better on 3 and some run much better on 2.

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