Just a PSA, ns bought the brand-new humble bundle weekly. You cannot get heavy steam keys, instead Humble bundle directly adds the games to your steam account.

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EDIT: I simply thought of why this might be. There has been a rash of traders selling BTA bundles because that ridiculously low prices because they purchase the bundles v stolen credit cards. Through linking the heavy steam account come the bundle key, people who to buy bundles v stolen cards (directly or indirectly) have the right to now also have the game revoked from steam as protest to just from the humble account.

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Is this also retroactive?

Edit: just checked, it appears that it is not.

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Thanks, I have actually some games I never included to mine account because i already had them and also was waiting to discover someone to provide them to.

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I post the following discuss an r/gamedeals thread around the adjust and feeling it can be helpful here too:

I just want to offer some points because that consideration and also perspective, offered how some people are already responding come the new activation mechanism harshly.

Sharing / commerce / offering away her activation keys has actually never been something the Humble have allowed when buying their Bundles. They have otherwise rotate a blind eye come it till now. Castle state the it is versus their terms of Service:


We have actually been happy up until this point and must be grateful that the ability to execute so has actually been easily accessible so much without one of two people Humble, Valve, Desura, or the corresponding devs gaining antsy about it.

2) However, i cannot ideal now uncover the exact part of the ToS that exactly says providing your product secrets to other world is forbidden. Rather it type of indicates ownership that a 'product' and also is much more vague, though I'm going come re-read it more closely. I would certainly recommend anyone who desires to complain to review it entirely before raising your pitchforks therefore you are informed:


Edit: The ToS claims the following concerning restricting the product's usage to private, an individual use:

You agree not to communicate in any of the following prohibited activities: ... Or otherwise exploiting the products (defined below) in any kind of manner various other than because that your very own private, non-commercial, an individual use.

This Agreement, and any rights and licenses granted hereunder, might not be moved or assigned by you, but may it is in assigned by Humble Bundle without restriction. Any kind of attempted deliver or assignment in violation hereof shall be null and also void.

Thanks to /u/bobartig for this.

3) the may no be Humble's decision alone to placed this mechanism in place. Anyone knows the significantly massive affect that Humble have and also how reknowned your sales are on providing steam keys. Valve might have motivated Humble to put this device in place. As we don't have the information to recognize for certain who is to 'blame' if you feel you must 'blame' someone, cool your jets until you have actually the facts. This can be something specific to this Weekly sale pertained to the developer / currently publishers that the Worms / extraterrestrial Breed games.

4) Humble may uncover it wise to adjust their future wording of their sales and bundles to state that once it come to vapor activations, you are paying for titles you don't currently own.

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together is, it provides the impression that their 'product' includes steam keys for all contained games. This is no longer true. I hope Humble alter their wording and also promotional product to suggest this fact. Because that example, the existing Humble Weekly information states "Please keep in mind this bundle provides vapor keys only." This is misleading, as it go not administer keys in ~ all. This should be changed. Edit: It has now been changed.