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Is there a couple of things much more invigorating top top a hot day than a update glass the iced coffee? If you"re too far away native Chick-fil-A to protect against by because that an iced coffee, don"t worry; you deserve to make this very delicious copycat cooking recipes anytime girlfriend like! every you need is 5 minutes and 5 ingredient to craft this basic coffee drink.

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What"s actually in CFA"s iced coffee? According to their website, Chick-fil-A lists the ingredients in their level iced coffee together follows: water, great A nonfat milk, class A totality milk, vitamin A&D, pure cane syrup, coffee extract (made v 100% arabica coffee). Their vanilla coffee has all the exact same ingredients with three additional ones: sugar, herbal vanilla flavor through vanilla extract, and citric acid.

Fortunately, it only takes 5 an easy ingredients to do Chick-fil-A"s iced coffee in ~ home! (You"ll need 6 ingredients because that the vanilla one, though.) Let"s talk around each one.

Simple Syrup: This is what sweetens this drink. An easy syrup is a fluid sweetener make from granulated white sugar and also water, and also it"s basic to do in a pair minutes.Whole Milk: CFA provides a blend of whole milk and also 2% for their iced coffee. I supplied a 2:1 proportion of whole to 2% because that a slightly creamier texture.2% Milk: utilizing a small bit the 2% milk rather of all entirety milk reduce the fat a little.Chewy Ice: Is ice an ingredient? Yes, or this drink wouldn"t it is in iced coffee! It"s necessary that you use chewy ice cream (also known as pellet ice or nugget ice) because that the best texture. You have the right to buy mass chewy ice cream from CFA, other rapid food restaurants, or gas stations. (Please don"t chew the ice though; it"s negative for her teeth.)Vanilla Extract: This is the only various ingredient in the homemade vanilla iced coffee. I opted to use extract instead of a vanilla syrup to save the flavor solid without adding extra sugar.


Is Chick-fil-A"s iced coffee good?

Yes! client say the they choose CFA"s iced coffee better than plenty of other coffee drink from fast food restaurants in the US. I"ve found that the drink isn"t too sweet, that isn"t watered down, and also has a wonderful coffee flavor.

Does Chick-fil-A have actually iced coffee?

CFA has actually been serving iced coffee due to the fact that August 2014, which make it one of the only rapid food chains to market drinks made through premium cold brew coffee at that time.

Is Chick-fil-A"s vanilla iced coffee sweet?

Yes, Chick-fil-A"s vanilla coffee is a tiny bit sweeter than their plain one. However, the still isn"t overly sweet in my opinion. If you do it in ~ home, you have the right to customize the lot of sweetener to your preference!

How lot does an iced coffee cost at Chick-fil-A?

At our neighborhood CFA, both regular and vanilla iced coffees expense $2.69 per drink. As of February 2021, CFA phased out large drinks, so the just size available is a small (12 fl oz).

What are the calorie in a CFA iced coffee?

A 12-ounce plain iced coffee includes 150 calories, 2.5g fat, 30g carbs, and 5g protein, while their vanilla one has 140 calories and also the same quantities of fat, carbs, and also protein. Our copycat recipe contains 116 calories, 1.3g fat, 25g carbs, and 1.6g protein for a plain coffee, and also 128 calories and the same quantities of fat, carbs, and also protein because that the vanilla version.

How to Make

Gather the ingredients for the iced coffee.


Pour the chewy ice into a 14-ounce glass to offer extra space.


Add the cold brew coffee.


Pour in the an easy syrup to sweeten the drink.


If you"re make the vanilla iced coffee, include a tespoon of vanilla extract too.


Pour in the whole milk and also the 2% milk.


Add a straw, however for the finest presentation, don"t line the drink. Serve it and allow each human being to line their very own coffee right before drinking it.


Enjoy this basic and delicious Chick-fil-A iced coffee in the comfort of your very own home!



Mocha: Swap the an easy syrup with cacao syrup. Be certain to usage a brand the tastes yes, really good; Ghirardelli chocolate syrup is among my faves.Caramel: Swap the basic syrup v caramel syrup. Making use of homemade syrup will offer your drink an even more luxurious taste!Frozen: Blend the ice right into the drink through a powerful blender to develop your very own frappuccino. Or, include a pair scoops of vanilla ice cream cream for a frosted version.

Pro Tips

How to do Cold Brew: Coarsely grind 6 ounces (170g) of medium roast coffee beans, then stir in 6 cup (1.42 liters) the cold water. Cover and refrigerate for 12-24 hours (Starbucks go 20 hours), climate strain out the coffee grounds. Cold brew will save in the fridge for as much as 1 week.How to Make straightforward Syrup: Combine 1 cup the granulated street (200g) v 1 cup of water (236 ml) in a saucepan over tool heat. Stir until the sugar has dissolved, climate chill. The will keep in the refrigerator for approximately 1 week.

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Where come Buy Chewy Ice: Chick-fil-A sell 5-pound bags of your chewy ice, therefore if girlfriend live close sufficient to one, merely buy a bag. Other fast food restaurants, prefer Sonic or Zaxby"s, and gas station may also sell chewy ice by the bag. Chewy ice is also called nugget ice cream or pellet ice.

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