Enter Mysterious Cave after ~ fighting lizards on coast (get there via vines at the optimal of the Hideout ledge). Speak come Trompdoy (it doesn"t issue what friend say to him), then cross the invisible bridge to his left and fight him.


Next, get in the chamber through the Statue the Illusions in the center. If you use Pet Pal to speak to the rat, he"ll give you a hint the upcoming puzzle is about letters. Speak to the statue, who will ask girlfriend to resolve word puzzles. Together the rat says, every adjective the statue supplies represents a letter, so it"s simply a matter of mapping the end which to represent which.

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B = bloodyR - rottenA = thievingC = veryU = awfulS = fellow

Answer: an extremely awful rotten


S = scourgeO = devilU = miseryR = blightC = hexE = curse

Answer: hex misery blight curse

Once the puzzle is solved, go into through the now unlocked door and fight Trompdoy when more. Prey his body climate to gain Band of Braccus. Placed it on climate take that off, i beg your pardon will an outcome in you gift cursed. Next, head east using illusory bridges to find a treasure trove.

Loot the area to get Boomstick (Epic) and a Purging Wand, amongst other goods. Effort to take one of the spirit jars and also Trompdoy will method you and also inform girlfriend he can not die until his jar continues to be unbroken. Destroy it to complete this search (note absorbing it will provide you SP). Connect with the various other jars together you view fit, noting they every (more or less) want their jars destroyed so they may be freed v the exception of Gratiana, whose jar you must return to she in Hideout for a reward.

Turn the corner and also touch the statue i m sorry will deliver you come the Hall the Echoes. Head toward Rhalic, the god the all humans (see the green dot on her map), who will give you the Bless skill, enabling you come cure yourself of Cursed, and also bless various surfaces, transforming them right into healing surfaces.

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