Chapter 5 - Nameless Isle

Head south towards the watercraft you deserve to take come the beach and Almira will technique you. Ask because that the tablet back and take the lifeboat come the mainland. Head east to find The coast waypoint (x:106 y:820) and continue on together the path financial institutions Northeast - there you will discover Delorus (x:165 y:865) suspect you saved him in fort Joy. Indigenous there proceed East, and you"ll watch a large battle just to the southern (x:196 y:826) between the black color Ring and also Magisters. Choose to side through the Magisters for this struggle and afterwards - if you have Fane"s shapeshifter mask - come to be human if girlfriend aren"t. Friend can interact with the altar to Rhalic in the center of the fight (if you are not human being you will become permanently blinded).

Afterwards head Northeast to find a blockade of black rings and also another hit (x:242 y:872). After the hit you deserve to see part shriekers to the east up the hill - friend will need to go halfway down the hill. ~ above the eastern side there are some trunks to walk and also and friend will discover some vines (x:260 y:889) to climb up behind the shriekers to then use source vampirism on. After, head South and also jump throughout the damaged bridge to find two wolves roughly a gem (x:276 y:823). Head east to uncover the Lunar Gateway waypoint, then return to the wolves and kill them. Pick up the gem through a character with the scholar sign to be transported right into a pocket plane - alongside the Impish Pocket kingdom waypoint. Currently the really annoying thing around this ar is you will be continually Slow-ed, - yet head phibìc to find the first area wherein you will must activate the 4 press plates. Carry out this through your party, or you can move/teleport the crates top top the plates to open up the way forward as the photo shows:

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READ CAREFULLY before PROCEEDING: In the following section precise one misstep could spell demise for your party. Perform NOT step on the push plates together they will shoot fire everywhere, and also do no - under any kind of circumstances - interact with the emergency do the washing up protocol otherwise it will flood the room through deathfog and lava successfully killing your party. What you want to carry out is monitor the path and lockpick the door (x:146 y:526) come the north of the one of toxicity area. Inside will certainly be a hyperdrive protocol for this reason spin the wheel and the slow-moving will revolve to haste! Head earlier to the waypoint and teleport you yourself to the pipes to the east. Monitor it every the way along, but prior to you go under the ladder, begin sneaking and then simply teleport you yourself over the way. Now you have to reach the core prior to the end of her turn, otherwise it unleashes a deathfog that will kill her party - undead consisted of - however once friend do connect with it, it"ll close up door down and also the location will be safe. Interact with the Altar the Xantezza simply beside the core and either renounce your god, or have it come forth. Neither have real consequences anyway. You"re done here so head earlier the the Lunar door waypoint.

Head earlier to where the gem was and jump back north to find the elven holy place - go into it and keep to the West side. You will certainly come across the holy place of Tir-Cendelius waypoint (x:262 y:922) and just phibìc of that you will find the Altar of Tir-Cendelius (x:269 y:941) where you will just need to feed it some of yourself (you shed hp yet regain the anyways because you space out the combat). Friend can likewise kill the last tiger over there for some exp. Follow the course North and also you will come across Alexander and Gareth speaking. Select to hit Alexander for the ideal exp and also then speak to Gareth because that a pretty reward. After the struggle be sure to take Alexander"s head then walk Southwest. An elf will ask friend to talk to the mother tree. Head up the vines best behind her and use the love (x:288 y:930) to it is in transported to the tree. While increase there death the scion and her dryads then exit out of the heart area.

Head back West to whereby the altar was and also kick down the vines. Leave out west till you can head North under to the beach. From over there go east to find a cavern (x:247 y:966) to enter. Inside, head forward and you"ll see some automatons approximately a pedestal through a sword on it. Attack the Automatons native the high ground because that an advantage, then go down and also loot the sword and head out of the cave. Head west come find an additional black ring camp (x:160 y:962), wherein you will want to sway the black ring portalmaster to protect against using his magic. Slaughter the whole camp, which will open up the way to a nearby altar, then head south and West under some stairs as the water recedes. You deserve to kill the crocodile here, then head through the door.

You"ll desire to separation up your highest Wits member and head all the method North through them. Run to the platform with a corpse and loot the body for a key, climate head east where there will be a room with massive trap. You want to make your means to the altar ~ above the eastern side of the room (x:401 y:403) and interact with it, giving away your vigor and also having her character cursed - yet just cast bless afterwards to have actually it go away. Head north now and you can discover a lever (x:359 y:433). To the west you can use the crucial to have a door appear to the phibìc so head through for some exploration exp.

Travel come the beach Waypoint and from over there head South and also when you check out a broken bridge end lava (x:117 y:793) teleport yourself south over the damaged bridges and lava to find Temple the Amadia waypoint (x:107 y:737). Rise up the vines beside the waypoint till you appear in a new map. Head North and teleport yourself to the next island over and activate the rune, then activate the east rune and finally the west one to open up a portal to jump through. Now teleport a person to the island just north and also then head southern to activate the 3 runes and free the knight of Amadia. Tell she there is nothing to fear and also accept she gift, climate follow she to the altar and also interact v it for part exp - climate you deserve to kill her.

Return to the entrance and also interact with the door, putting the gem in the slot to open it and find part goodies, then go back to the waypoint. Proceed following the pathway teleporting yourself, and once girlfriend hit the southeast point out teleport yourself down throughout the lava as soon as again (x:153 y:707). Then head east and you will come throughout a mystery cave enntrance gate (x:181 y:685) - go into to obtain some exp prior to continuing on Eastwards to uncover the altar to Zorl-Stissa (x:200 y:681). Interact with that to finish up burn so actors bless on you yourself again.

Continue eastern to find the zero Prince who will ask friend to placed a machine in the heart of the mommy tree. Take a detour ago to the elven temple and interact with the heart - where you dealt with the scion - to put the an equipment in and return come the shadow Prince come let that know. Make a conserve here. Afterwards, save heading East, teleporting her party v the various little islands in the lava until you cannot teleport ~ above any more platforms eastward (x:352 y:695) and you should be able to climb up a vine. If you have actually 15 wits friend should uncover a dirt heap you have the right to dig increase (x:377 y:693), then use the feet to discover the secret door come the academy.

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If you try to go into the academy you require your party members to provide of it one of two people by persuasion, or if you have actually sort that romanced them and gained favor that"s another way. As soon as you carry out you will unlock: