The good Doctor Bonecharm locations

1. This bonecharm is located on the start of the level. Go up the stairs and through the main hall. There will be a most guards there. The bonecharm is beside boxes in the fallen cupboard.

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4. ~ above the 3rd floor the the building, there is a room through the bloodflies swarm (there is a rune in the swarm also). Pass to the various other side that the room, walk left and also go with the yellow passage. The bonecharm is in the yellow room (watch out reason there are bloodflies roaming around).
5. As you unlocked the door, in the direction of the finish of the level, and also came come the morgue, take the door come the left and also you will uncover a corrupted bonecharm.

Bonecharm areas The Clockwork Mansion

1. The an initial bonecharm in mission 4 is near the start of the mission. Once you departure the underground, usage your strength to climb onto the crows nest over you in the middle of the street. Native there, walk onto balcony of the gray building on the appropriate side the the street. Run onto the second balcony and also go inside. The bonecharm is in the cupboard, for this reason smash the glass and it’s yours.
2. To obtain the 2nd bonecharm in act 4, walk from the balcony in the previous entry ~ above the crows nest. Native there, usage your strength to acquire onto the left next of the roof the Aventa Station. Walk along until you see one more open balcony on your left. Go inside. The black color bonecharm is under a glass bell top top the right side that the room.
3. To collection the next bonecharm, discover your method back to the roof that Aventa Station. This time, go to the center of the roof and look because that a absent glass pane in the skylight. There room guards inside, so be careful. Fall down when the coast is clear and also incapacitate the guards. The bonecharm is wait for friend in the huge hallway come the left of the carriage.
4. The next, 4th bonecharm is close to the beginning of the upper Aventa District. Once you get out that the carriage, go right immediately. Walk up the stairs and into the records room. Choose up the bonecharm.
5. To find the fifth bonecharm in mission 4, you must go around the red, condemned building. It’s left the the big crane. Examine the ground floor and you’ll check out an open window. Rise inside and you’ll check out the corruption bonecharm sitting on a stool in front of a paint canvas. Choose it up, but mind the bloodflies.
6. The following bone charm is in the Clockwork Mansion itself. Take it the elevator to the evaluate Chamber. Be mindful of just arrived enemies. Leave the elevator, walk right, climate left to go into the kitchen. Walk to the fireplace and also head left. Cross the area with substantial cupboards an pull the Configuration lever at the finish to carry a piece of the Guest area down. Keep moving forward till you reach the generator room. A wall surface of light is on the right. Go left approximately the generator and pick up the bonecharm indigenous the little desk.
7. The final bonecharm in act 4 is a little tricky come find. Go into the the elevator you provided to go under to the assessment Chamber and also go down to floor -1. Watch up and you’ll see an opened in the elevator roof, so use it to get up. In front of you space two hatches, one over the other. Open the topmost hatch and use your powers come go with it. Go left and also follow the corridor. You’ll come throughout a bloodfly-infested corpse. Eliminate the flies and collect the bonecharm.

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8. Usage the elevator to walk to the second floor (private area). Walk left indigenous the elevator and also you will uncover yourself in a room with a lever. Traction the bar once, and also a covert room will appear. Pull the bar the second time to make the room go back to its initial position, however this time, go inside as it moves. Wait a couple of seconds and also you will be able to pick up the last bonecharm.