Vault Keycards are special access cards in Deus Ex: Mankind split that enable you to enter vaults under the Palisade Bank. All vault cards are well-hidden, and also you can quickly miss them. In this guide, we’ll present you where to find VersaLife, Picus, Tarvos and Tai Yong Medical access cards.

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VersaLife vault keycard

To get in the this firm vault section of Palisade bank, you can acquire a Versalife vault keycard during key story mission 12 and enter the elevator in the main lobby of the bank that will acquire you come the vaults. The alternative way is to enter the Palisade bank garage (located throughout the main entrance). To go into the garage, you can break through a structure weakness simply right of the locked main garage door, or you have the right to use the vent column entrance on the peak of among the decorative pillars over the garage. There is a vast Ventilator in the garage. You can turn it off by cram an EMP grenade in ~ it or remote hacking the switch behind it. ~ the big fan is off, go with the crawlspaces and also hack the door. You are in the vault area. Each of the vaults is top top a various level, and also you will must hack override panels to disclose vault doors (level 1 hacking required).

Picus vault keycard

Picus vault keycard is in a an enig room in Apartment 94 in the Libuse apartments, simply to the appropriate of the subway entrance. Apartment 94 is on Level 3. The vault keycard is in the bedroom. After evaluating a camera top top a drawer, a safe above the bed will open. The Picus map is inside. The Picus Vault hold a bunch that hacking software, Neuropozyne and a Triangle Code.

Tai Yong medical vault keycard

Tai Yong medical vault keycard is discovered on the corpse of doctor Vadim Orlov (guy you find during side mission The an enig Augs). That is located in an apartment in a courtyard behind TF29 headquarters. In the TYM vault, you’ll find a praxis kit.

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