(NBC News) – tonight on “Dateline,” when Emory university sophomore Shannon Melendi goes absent in vast daylight from she off-campus job at a softball field, police space interviewing anyone in Shannon’s orbit, climate they get a secret phone speak to that alters everything.

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Here’s a preview that Dennis Murphy’s report:

Shannon missing. That was beyond all imagination. Indigenous the roommate, a stormy timeline emerged.

Shannon was an alleged to be in her dorm ~ above a Saturday night. Yet when she quiet wasn’t residence by Sunday morning — she roommate had started come worry.

YVONNE MELENDI: She said, “Where is she?” so she went in search of her. The very first thing she walk was saw the softball nation club.

Shannon worked part-time in ~ a softball field — around five mile from campus.

The roommate headed the end to look for Shannon through two other friends.

But lock missed the entrance to the softball field parking lot of — and when lock turned around they spotted something.

YVONNE MELENDI: She saw her vehicle parked at a convenience store.

LUIS MELENDI: Gas station.

Woman discovered dead in Grove City house fire

Shannon’s black color Nissan — unoccupied and also parked in ~ the far end of a gas station.

DENNIS MURPHY: She was as proud as she can be of the car,

MONIQUE MELENDI: Yes, she was. She lov– she loved she car.

DENNIS MURPHY: What was concerning about the way the automobile was found, what problem it to be in?

YVONNE MELENDI: It to be unlocked, keys in the ignition.

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About “Dateline”

“Dateline NBC” is the longest-running series in NBC primetime history and is in that 30th season. Dateline is anchored by Lester Holt and also features correspondents Andrea Canning, josh Mankiewicz, Natalie Morales, Keith Morrison and also Dennis Murphy.

Dateline is the #1 Friday newsmagazine and also reaches more than 17 million civilization every week through its broadcast, and also millions much more through its social media platforms and also podcasts.

The stories selection from compelling mysteries to powerful documentaries and also in-depth investigations. When major news breaks, they walk to the scene, placing the pieces with each other to lug the viewer the full picture. And in every story lock tell, they help the real civilization who live the events share their journeys through the viewer.

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This past season, Dateline debuted two new podcasts, “Mommy Doomsday” and also “Killer Role,” organized by correspondent Keith Morrison.

In February, NBC also greenlit a straight-to-series inspired by the story featured in the Dateline podcast series, “The Thing about Pam.” Two-time Oscar-winning actress Renee Zellweger will star and also executive create the series, in participation with Blumhouse Television, NBC News Studios and Zellweger’s large Picture Co.