Woo Hoo! I’ve been working on the SY0-501 Study guide for a few months now, but gratefully, the end is in sight.

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I’ve perfect the content for the critical chapter and expect everything to move much faster at this point. I still should do one more pass v it, yet expect to happen it come the technological editor this particular day or tomorrow at the latest. I’m also thankful the so many talented civilization are functioning behind the scene to assist me with this.

Update: The CompTIA Security+: acquire Certified gain Ahead: SY0-501 research Guide is currently available.


SY0-501 next Version

In instance you haven’t heard, CompTIA has actually announced the following version that the Security+ exam. You can still take the 401 version till July 2018 therefore there’s no have to rush to the 501 version if you don’t have.

Update: The Security+ SY0-501 test was launched on October 4, 2017.

I commonly get queries from civilization on the 501 version. Below are a couple of usual questions:

Q. Are you creating a 501 version of the CompTIA Security+: gain Certified acquire Ahead: SY0-401 research Guide?

Yes. Absolutely.

Q. When will the 501 version of the study guide be available?

I mean the paperback version to be easily accessible in October 2018. One of the important steps is to gain it evaluated and approved as Certified Approved top quality Content (CAQC). That process takes as lengthy as 30 days.

I mean the Kindle version to be available in September.

Q. Must I wait and take the 501 exam instead of the 401 exam?

If you want to delay your career, climate by every means, wait.

However, if you have actually a need or desire to knife the Security+ certification, than examine for and also take the exam that is obtainable now.


SY0-501 Differences

One the the biggest differences in the SY0-501 exam is the it covers much more than the SY0-401 exam. Because that example, the SY0-401 objective list includes 14 pages of really objectives. In contrast, the SY0-501 exam contains 18 pages the objectives. That’s four more pages of detailed objectives.

This can not be apparent though because of how CompTIA recently reformatted the objectives.

What’s the same?

Many of the missions are familiar. Here’s a an overview of numerous of the familiar topics.

Networking. over there is tho a heavy focus on networking topics. The 401 version had Domain 1 Network Security, which was 20% that the exam. The 501 variation doesn’t have actually a Network defense domain, however networking topics are consisted of in plenty of of the new domains.Malware and attacks. plenty of of the typical malware species and assaults are included, however there room some brand-new ones.Vulnerability and penetration testing. many of the familiar vulnerability scanning and also penetration testing objectives remain.Protocols. countless of the acquainted protocols room included. However, over there is very little mention that ports. In contrast, the 401 variation tested port heavily,Risk management. plenty of of these topics are acquainted though there space some additions such as expertise a supply chain assessment.Cryptography. many of the cryptography topics room familiar, but there room some new ones.

For example, over there is still a heavy focus on networking topics and also most the the cryptography topics are the same. Similarly, many of the malware and attack topics room similar, though there are some changes and additions.

CompTIA Security+ examine Guide

The 601 variation of the study Guide

The CompTIA Security+: obtain Certified gain Ahead: SY0-601 study Guide
is an upgrade to the top-selling SY0-201, SY0-301, SY0-401, and also SY0-501 research guides, which have helped countless readers pass the exam the an initial time they take it it. It has the same elements readers raved around in the previous 4 versions.

Each that the eleven chapters gift topics in simple to know manner and also includes real-world instances of security values in action.

You’ll understand the important and relevant protection topics for the Security+ exam, without being overloaded through unnecessary details. Additionally, each chapter consists of a an extensive review section to help you emphasis on what’s important.


Over 300 realistic practice test inquiries with thorough explanations will help you test your comprehension and readiness because that the exam. The publication includes:

A 75 inquiry pre-testA 75 concern post-testPractice test concerns at the end of every chapter.

Each exercise test question includes a in-depth explanation to help you know the content and also the thinking behind the question. You will do it be all set to take and also pass the exam the very first time you take it it.

If you arrangement to pursue any type of of the progressed security certifications, this overview will also help you place a solid foundation of defense knowledge. Discover this material, and also you’ll be a action ahead for other exams. This SY0-601 study guide is for any type of IT or security professional interested in proceeding in your field, and a must-read because that anyone striving to understand the basics of it security.

Kindle edition also available.

What’s new? 

A lot. Here’s a an overview of numerous the new items.

Command line tools. Many details command line devices are listed such as netstat, tracert, tcpdump, nmap, and also netcat.Linux. Many particular Linux regulates are detailed in the objectives. For example, ifconfig is only on Linux systems. Additionally, the goals open up the possibility of consisting of many much more Linux commands. As an example, carry out you understand what chroot is for?Programming and development concepts. ns was a little surprised in ~ how plenty of programming and breakthrough concepts were had in the objectives. Some are straightforward concepts such as error handling and also input validation. However, some are progressed such as normalization, stored procedures, dead code, obfuscation, and more. I wonder just how easy these principles will be for IT experts without programming endure to master.Mobile devices. there is a vast expansion the mobile machine coverage. Some of the items are trivial such as “Cellular” as a link method. There are very couple of people search the Security+ certification the don’t have a moving phone. Yet many that the items are complex such together sideloading, rooting, jailbreaking, USB OTG, WiFidirect, and more. Over there is also increased coverage the mobile device management concepts.Embedded systems. One objective is to describe the security effects of embedded systems v a list of systems. While the security implications are common for most of these items, test takers will should know numerous acronyms such together SCADA, ICS, IoT, HVAC, SoC, RTOC, MFD, and UAV.Use cases. there is considerable list of usage cases. If these have the right to be reasonably easy to create in a job-related environment, they often mean various things to different people. Because that example, developers develop use situations one way and management creates usage cases one more way. While the administrators can develop them, it isn’t common. Ns wonder how the check item writers construed these objectives.

SY0-601 complete Security+ Course

Helping you happen the an initial Time

This course includes every one of the multiple-choice practice test questions, performance-based questions, audio, and flashcards from the yet adds the CompTIA Security+: gain Certified acquire Ahead: SY0-601 Study guide within an digital course.

Test your readiness through these high quality materials

Here’s what girlfriend get

All the the content from the CompTIA Security+: get Certified acquire Ahead: SY0-601 Study guide

Random 75-question tests

Random exercise tests native the all of the practice test concerns in the CompTIA Security+: get Certified acquire Ahead: SY0-601 study Guide. All questions encompass explanations for this reason you’ll recognize why the correct answers space correct, and why the not correct answers room incorrect.

Performance-based Questions

These questions show you what you have the right to expect in the live exam. They encompass drag and drop, matching, sorting, and fill in the empty questions.

Online Flashcard Set

Online Security+ Question and Answer Flashcards organized by domainOnline Security+ acronyms Flashcards

Audio – SY0-601 Security+ psychic This Audio Files

discover by hearne (MP3 downloads.)

Audio – SY0-601 Security+ Question and Answer Audio Files

find out by listening (MP3 downloads.)

Bonus #1

The same collection of questions organized by domain including questions in the CompTIA Security+: gain Certified get Ahead: SY0-601 Study overview plus extra practice test questions.

Bonus #2

Audio from the finish of chapter evaluate from each of the chapters in the CompTIA Security+: obtain Certified gain Ahead: SY0-601 study Guide.

Bonus #3 

access to every one of the online content the is easily accessible for cost-free to anyone the purchases the CompTIA Security+: gain Certified gain Ahead: SY0-601 study Guide. This contains labs, extra exercise test questions, and supplementary materials.

Bonus #4 

extended access. Accessibility the study products for a complete of 60 days since sometimes life happens.

Bonus #5 

10% off Voucher Code. Access to a coupon password that will provide you 10% off her exam voucher. In ~ the present price the $370 USD because that the Security+ voucher, this deserve to save you $37.

Get the SY0-601 complete Security+ food Here

SY0-601 exercise Test Questions 

Over 385 reality Security+ exercise test questions

At least 10 performance-based questions

All questions include explanations for this reason you’ll recognize why the correct answers are correct,

and why the not correct answers room incorrect.

Upgrade your Resume through the Security+ new Version

multiple quiz styles to let you usage these questions based on the way you learn.

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Test setting – 75 arbitrarily questions. Watch 75 random concerns from the complete test bank comparable to exactly how the Security+ exam has actually a potential maximum of 75 multiple an option questions.

Pass the an initial Time You take it It

Get the full financial institution of SY0-601 exercise Test concerns Here