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What do the little red/white ribbons on level 5 heroes mean? Google fails me.Question


As far that I'm aware, it's just decorative. Ns can't mental a level 5 that don't have it

I understand your concern was answered but it provides me happy the you preserved Reynauld and Dismas the entire time.

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Lol ~ above my an initial playthrough, i think I simply booted reynauld after ~ realising what kleptomaniac does. An excellent times

Made it all the way to the room of the Necromancer Lord. Party was beat up. Reynauld and Dismas were fifty percent health and also I to be standing outside his door. I chickened out and aborted the search without engaging him.

That to be my first L5 quest, and also I easily learned that L3 Equipment and L3 skills on L5 characters doesn't average they deserve to do L5 quests... My to-hit % to be abysmal the totality trek come his room.

Wasted that Crypts occasion bonus too, through fleeing -- no XP, oh well.

I'm avoiding for the night, however I just queued that L5 party up because that the very first big Necromancer mr fight. I've play DD plenty yet this is the the furthest I've ever before gotten and also am strictly no spoiler (I don't also use a curio matrix, everything is trial and error) so ns hope ns don't fuckin' punch it and also lose them. I do have the Silence in the Crypts event going, so ns hope the +15% damages helps.

Wish me (them) luck, tomorrow.

It doesn't typical anything, every level has a various outline roughly the number that's just what the looks prefer for level 5

I need to go back and check, however I believed the ribbon means the character is in queue to walk on the mission.

Can someone inspect this for me today? If not, I'll examine it tonight.

That's the other big ribbon, the one that reflects up ~ above the left (where condition icons display like in the sanctuary/brothel/etc). I'm nice sure choose others have said this one top top the appropriate is just a cosmetic the all level 5 personalities get. I have actually never in reality finished a campaign and was concerned it had to do with DD eligibility ~ above Darkest mode, or something.

It way the heroes are now fucking licensed has been granted of themselves, wherein they think the level 1 adventures room for pussies. I’m not joking btw, girlfriend cannot use them come play on level 1 adventures now. Only level 3 or higher.

In the Warhammer lore, the is dubbed a purity seal, i beg your pardon is awarded to individuals for their brave activity against forces of corruption (hence the 'purity' part in the name). Usually it is a medal. You have the right to see the on the armor that a Man-at-arms and also that the a Fanatic as well.

I do not recognize if together a principle was current in actual life, however I think the is for sure to say that the DD takes some incentive from Warhammer universes either way.

but ns think the is for sure to say that the DD take away some incentive from Warhammer universes either way.

Explain? I'm acquiring into Warhammer :)

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