A an easy save editor, it’s pretty straight-forward. Permit me recognize if friend encounter any problems or errors.

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Tutorial (Version 2.3):

Download + source Code (C#):http://slamdev.blogspot.com/2014/10/xbox-360-dark-souls-ii-save-editor.html

Text accuse (Version 2.3):

1. Extract her Dark Souls II save to your computer.(Should be dubbed -GAME_0000) 2. Open up save in the save Editor.3. Change whatever characters you want.4. Click the "Get KV" switch to generate a Keyvault in the directory and then click save.(Used for resigning & rehashing the save. You will only need to do this once, unless you delete the KV.)5. Replace old Dark Souls II conserve with modified save.6. Gain modifications!
This is awesome! ns just obtained into the game as result of friends play it online and found the end that brand-new patch made every the old saves not work. With the the smallest amount of work possible I simply made a save and also modded it a little with this and also have been playing digital no problem. If anyone gets that “failed to conserve game” error just quit and save in ~ a bonfire and reload. It fixes it. Ty ty much love


Version 1.3 has actually been uploaded!

This update contains:-Ability to modify name-Ability to modify sin level-Ability to include items (Upgrade items, every resins, human effigy, herbs, bonfire ascetics, agreement items)-Fixed some bugs

Let me know if you encounter any errors / glitches.

Not working for me. The editor states invalid paper when i try to open up my saved video game in the actual editor.


Not functioning for me. The editor says invalid file when i shot to open my saved game in the yes, really editor.

Are you certain you’re make the efforts to open up the proper User_Data record that girlfriend extract native the materials folder of your save? You don’t extract your full save and also open that with the editor, that could be her problem. If friend need much more help post back. Great luck.

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Had no idea girlfriend planned on updating that’s awesome! save up the work and also thank friend again


Thanks because that the feedback.


shockwaveMDKI know, I never said this to be the ideal editor. It was much more of a fun job for me. Thanks.