A new ABC liquor store opens Monday in ~ the Westwood Shopping center in Fayetteville, and when that does, it"ll be amongst the biggest in the state.

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The present ABC location at 5091 Morganton roadway is relocating down the road to the purchase center. The current store is approximately 3,000 square feet, while the new location will be roughly 8,000 square feet, which Cumberland County alphabet Board general Manager David Horne stated would make it among the largest in the state, rivaling stores found in Raleigh and Charlotte.

The extra 5,000 square feet will certainly mean much more registers and a widely expanded product selection. Horne claimed the store will stock between 350 and 400 items never prior to carried in ~ an ABC store in Cumberland County. 

ABC previously ran a keep at the Westwood to buy Center more than te ago, Horne said, however the keep was tiny and tucked away in the rear of the plaza. The keep was then moved to its present spot ~ above Morganton Road.

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Plans to relocate the keep to its brand-new location were very first announced in August. 

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The new store is situated at Suite 102 in the previous home of a Monkey Joe"s children"s beat place, quickly visible and accessible from Morganton Road. If the pastel yellow and also purple walls have actually been painted over, the 21-foot ceilings remain, providing the brand-new store what Horne explained as a contemporary warehouse feel. 

Of the 170 abc boards statewide, the Cumberland County board is the 5th largest. With bars and restaurants restricted due come the coronavirus pandemic, sales at abc stores countywide have "skyrocketed" because the pandemic began in in march 2020, Horne said. 

As because that future abc locations, Horne said the plank would like to open a second store in hope Mills, but nothing is brewing yet. When future shop in Cumberland County most likely won"t it is in as large as the brand-new Westwood location, Horne claimed to suppose the median store dimension to grow to about 5,000 come 7,000 square feet. 

The new store will be open Monday through Saturday, native 11 a.m. Come 8 p.m. 

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