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Deciding i beg your pardon fragrance come buy have the right to be tricky sometimes, as there room a multitude of determinants from which to consider. This can end up being especially true when the colognes the you space considering price in the triple digits to buy. That is one point to purchase a crummy scent that was $20 because that the party versus one which was $175. Creed is a luxury boutique brand recognized for that is high high quality ingredients and beautifully crafted scents.

In this post, I desire to carry out a little bit of a comparison between two options from Creed, Aventus vs royal Millesime and breakdown which will certainly be the much better option for most people and highlight the pros and cons of each.


1 story of the Tape: Aventus vs. Royal Millesime

Tale that the Tape: Aventus vs. Royal Millesime


Creed Aventus 


Notes the Creed Aventus: 

Top: Blackcurrant,Italian bergamot, French apples and pineapple

Middle: Rose, dried birch, Moroccan jasmine, and patchouli

Base Notes: musk, oak moss, ambergris, and vanilla.

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Creed royal Millesime


Notes include: Lemon, Iris, green Bergamot, Mandarin

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The opened of Aventus can be a quite harsh citrus to deal with. Ns don’t really choose the opening of Aventus and if every I’d need to go by to be the very first 15 minute or so, I’d think that this fragrance wasn’t worth wearing. The pineapple, blackcurrant, and also the dryness the birch deserve to be a bit much in ~ first.

However, the fragrance handle down into something much much more enjoyable and also fresh. The next wave has less of the pineapple, much more birch/oak moss, and also some sweetness detailed by a light vanilla and French apple. 

Meanwhile, the opened of imperial is lot smoother, v a exorbitant melon type of scent the blends with sea salt to produce something quite pleasant.

The melon-like odor is like a mix of a conventional melon and also a bit of watermelon. This is paired through a salty aquatic note, i beg your pardon is why I mean it comes across smelling that way. It’s in reality lemon and mandarin orange, together the notes, and not any type of watermelon. 

Anyway, imperial Millesime is juicy, musky, and really bright in the opened stages. Which odor is better? come me, I significantly prefer the begin to Imperial, much more than I ever have Aventus. 

Edge: imperial Millesime


Neither among these perfume is slipping in quality as soon as it pertains to projection. Aventus never ever really requires an ext than 2 sprays while royal is no slouch either. Aventus is the more powerful of the two and also I’d speak it projects an ext than imperial does.

So, both start strong, but Aventus reaches the higher heights of sillage and also keeps in ~ it for longer. 

Edge: Aventus


Wearing both of this colognes, i haven’t i found it a difference in terms of how long castle last. I usually acquire 7-10 hrs of heavy performance the end of each. Mostly, Aventus will go 8 or 9 hrs on my skin, a bit less when it’s hot out.

Imperial is usually around 7 or 8 hours, yet can last better in the warm than can Aventus. The can likewise reach the 10 hour mark, top top occasion, choose Aventus. No clear winner, in my experience. 

Edge: Push


Creed Aventus is ideal worn in the spring and autumn, in my opinion. Ns don’t think that it stop up well in the heat, but early summer isn’t bad. Top top the other hand, imperial Millesime is an excellent for summertime wear and the warmer month of spring.

However, Aventus can be traction off quite well in the winter months, to whereas imperial would seem the end of place in the cold weather.

As far as, ~ above what occasion each of this scents can be worn, I’d say that they could arguably it is in worn almost everywhere for any event. I wouldn’t really speak to Imperial a day night type of cologne though and even if I’d wear other scents besides Aventus top top a night out, it can be done well. 

I lot prefer Imperial, together a daytime wear, in an ext casual situations. Overall, I’d speak Aventus has the better versatility. 

Edge: Aventus


Overall Scent

Aventus creates into something the is woodsy/masculine/leathery and also the citrus notes come to be undertones as the perfume wears on. Meanwhile, Imperial has that unique fruity quality blended with salt note that simply reminds me of the summer and the ocean.

I actually prefer Imperial far better in terms of its smell, BUT i think that most guys would be far better served by Aventus the end of the two.

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I to speak this simply because of that is greater versatility of being worn. Imperial Millesime is a great signature type of scent, however I feel the it does have actually its limitations.

Aventus fits in better, during more situations and also climates. Royal is quite straightforward, however has a yes, really delightful braided melon aroma. Aventus is depths with greater nuance. This two space pretty neck and also neck, in my book, but most would certainly go v Aventus.