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Among your choices when picking a cooking range, slide-in and also drop-in space two sport that appear to be similar, yet which have unique architecture features with various installation requirements.

Freestanding varieties are by far the most renowned style through consumers for numerous reasons, but for those who like a tradition kitchen look, a slide-in range or drop-in model is a pretty alternative. Either of this two styles will offer the kitchen a more streamlined look since the range blends reasonably seamlessly with the base cabinets. They also both allow you to present off your backsplash since they don't have actually panels in ~ the earlier of the range for manage knobs. Yet there are differences in between the two styles, and also installation demands vary, for this reason be prepared to rental a contractor come set-up your brand-new stove, if necessary.

Slide-In vs Drop-In Range: major Differences

Slide-in models usually have a integrated bottom drawer below the stove chamber because that storing cookware. Drop-in variety models have no cookware storage drawer, and this way you'll need an additional cabinet or drawer to residence your pots and pans. The base of the room that homes a drop-in selection can't constantly be turned right into a storage compartment.

It's likewise important to note that drop-in ranges differ indigenous drop-in cooktops, i m sorry are commonly seen on kitchen islands and surrounded by cabinetry because that a truly custom, built-in look. A drop-in cooktop doesn't have an oven.

Slide-In food preparation RangesDrop-In food preparation Ranges
Integrated appearanceIntegrated appearance
Storage drawer on bottomNo storage drawer on bottom
Installation calls for two base cabinetsInstallation needs custom cabinetry
Can be budget-friendlyCan be an ext costly

crucial Features

Slide-In variety

A slide-in cooking range has contoured sides through a slightly-protruding cooktop, which permits the installer to on slide it in between two adjoining cabinetsso that the cooktop rests on height of the countertop on every side. The contoured sides and also cooktop save food indigenous falling in any kind of spaces in between the variety and cabinetry.

Drop-in range

Drop-in arrays came into vogue in the 1940s and also 1950s throughout the boom in home construction. Today, the drop-in range is provided as a replacement selection in older homes or supplied infrequently because that kitchen remodels. They room not in demand today since they require customized cabinetry and are dropped into a prepared base that consists of a room front panel at the bottom.


Slide-In range

Slide-in models usually have actually a integrated bottom drawer below the stove chamber because that storing cookware. Slide-in arrays offer a more customized look through cabinetry when compared to freestanding ranges. There's generally not a height dashboard for controls. The controls space usually inserted at the front leaf of the cooktop.

Drop-In selection

Drop-in ranges don"t have actually a built-in bottom drawer since they"re reduce down into a tradition base. Drop-in arrays can carry out an integrated, luxury look to the kitchen. Drop-in varieties usually have actually no height dashboard; instead, the controls space conveniently inserted at the front edge of the cooktop.

finest for Appearance: Slide-In selection

You'll constantly have a place to store cookware in the integrated bottom drawer of a slide-in model. However, either of this two styles will provide the kitchen a more streamlined look due to the fact that the ranges blend relatively seamlessly through the base cabinets.


The typical width of cooking ranges is 30 inches, though you can find larger units if friend like. However size choices are somewhat restricted when it involves drop-in and slide-in ranges. Constantly confirm physical dimensions with the dealer or manufacturer, asking for complete installation guidelines, and administer these come the installer, along with all variety specifications.


Slide-In range

There should be basic cabinets positioned on every side of a slide-in model. The range's next panels room not finished as they space on freestanding stoves, but instead, have actually alignment grooves to aid with installation. Freestanding ranges are the many economical come install, adhered to by slide-in ranges.

Drop-In variety

Drop-in ranges require careful planning and also usually requires the installation of specialty cabinetry, therefore it's not an ideal option uneven you're already doing a full kitchen makeover and also prefer the style. Drop-in arrays are the many expensive style to install.

finest for Installation: Slide-In range

Slide-in selection models simply slip right into place in between two basic cabinets. There's no require for any kind of cabinet customization. All range types are accessible in both gas and electric models, back the style selection is wider for electric models. Serious home chefs regularly prefer gas ranges.


Slide-In variety

For comparable functions, a freestanding selection is more economical 보다 a slide-in model. A slide-in range costs much less than a drop-in model.

Drop-In variety

When contrasted to a freestanding and a slide-in, the drop-in style is most expensive. Drop-in models space not as easily uncovered in retail outlets and may require special ordering. Brand and market access is limited.

ideal for Cost: Slide-In range

Most retailers bring a large selection that slide-in range models together with freestanding selection models, yet not so numerous drop-in ranges. Slide-in arrays are available in both gas and also electric models, although the style variety is more comprehensive for electric models. Serious home chefs regularly prefer gas ranges.

The decision

Slide-in ranges are generally thought about to it is in easier and less i have lot of money to install than drop-in ranges, while both models provide a kitchen a systematized look. You’ll also have much more storage through the bottom cookware drawer on slide-in ranges. In addition, you’ll have the ability to easily find and also purchase slide-in varieties over less popular drop-in models.

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optimal Brands

GE is a significant manufacturer the slide-in and other style ranges and is among two service providers selling drop-in ranges.Frigidaire additionally sells slide-in and also other style ranges and additionally sells drop-in ranges.Bosch sell upscale slide-in ranges.