We administer general repertoire assessments and long-range conservation planning to aid small-to mid-sized establishments in methods that benefit the largest variety of artworks.

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For end 40 years MACC conservators have listed museum-quality treatment and also consultation in the areas of: paintings Conservation, paper Conservation, Textile Conservation, and also Objects Conservation.

MACC supplies workshops top top a variety of collections treatment subjects, including topics such together Identifying Hazardous materials in Collections and tutorials in arts Handling.

News and Upcoming Events

Preserving George Floyd’s Memorial

WORKSHOPS: our in-person workshops will resume this fall. Check earlier soon because that our schedule!

COVID-19 Update: The COVID-19 emergency affects person health and also safety foremost, and we are very closely following the references of Minnesota State branch Tim Walz and any future rulings that may be issued. 

We space working together with our partner, the Minneapolis academy of Art, to ensure the security of all staff and also artwork within our common facility. At this time art pick-ups and also drop-offs are accessible and conservation treatments are proceeding as proposed.

If you have any questions around current or future projects, please don’t hesitate to contact your conservator or our front office staff. 

Additionally, MACC can administer you with up-to-date information as it concerns collections care during this emergency so you re welcome don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions.








We room a resource for non-profit institutions, artists, corporations and also individuals. For over 40 years, ours highly-trained staff has listed museum-quality preservation treatments and collections treatment for arts and cultural artifacts transparent the Midwest an ar and beyond. Conveniently located in the Minneapolis institute of Art, every conservation treatment projects start with one in-person examination by among our conservators. Contact us to do an appointment.

Our Mission

The Midwest art Conservation facility is a non-profit organization for the preservation and conservation the art and artifacts, offering treatment, education, and also training for museums, historical societies, libraries, other social institutions, artists, and the public.

Board the Directors

The volunteer MACC plank of Directors is consisted of of representatives of its member institutions and individuals from the public with an attention in the mission of the organization.

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