Las las vegas hosts the triennial five-day exhibition because that the phibìc American construction equipment sector

Taking ar at the ras Vegas Convention Centre, in las Vegas, native 7-11 march 2017, Conexpo-Con/Agg is phibìc America’s biggest construction plant and also equipment trade fair. The triennial exhibition attracts much more than 2,500 exhibitors and also occupies 232,000m2 that showground space, championing innovation by promoting new technologies, products and services. 

Conexpo-Con/Agg will also run a comprehensive education programme throughout its 5 days, through over 150 seminars emphasizing industry issues and also trends, and advances in technology. 

This year’s layout – ‘Image those Next’ – shows the vision because that the building materials and equipment sectors, as the present focuses on exactly how embracing new technologies can help businesses minimize downtime, maximize efficiency at project sites and minimize garbage while increasing bottom-line profits and also improving safety. A brand-new 7,000m2 ‘Tech Experience’ pavilion has been planned; dedicated entirely to presenting emerging building innovations that room driving change and process improvement throughout the industry.

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Here, we take a look at at some of the many new items that equipment, systems and also services that travellers to Conexpo-Con/Agg 2017 will have the ability to see for the very first time. 

Asphalt drum Mixers, Inc. will certainly be exhibiting their EX collection asphalt plants v single-drum counterflow technology. The compact plants are claimed to offer the longest aggregate drying and also mixing times in the industry and have been arisen to procedure up come 50% lab content. Available in portable or stationary models, the EX series units have a maximum production capacity of 425 tonnes/h and also feature separate drying/mixing area to provide optimum heat transfer and also fuel efficiency. The manufacturer says this virtually eliminates unsafe hydrocarbon emissions, a common problem found in other drum mix plants.

Caterpillar will be showcasing no much less than 40 makers in two separate locations totalling 60,000ft2. Brand-new products on show will include: the 390F and also 336F XE excavators; 986K and also 950 GC wheel loader models; and also 746 articulated truck. As well as the latest earthmoving machinery, the firm will also be unveiling three new cold planer models – the PM825, PM622 and PM312. In addition, Caterpillar will certainly be highlighting their connect Technologies business packages, which space designed to assistance customers seeking best plant and equipment uptime, and fuel efficient and also lowest cost-per-tonne operation. 

A wide variety of products and machinery attachments will be displayed on the Doosan stand, including: excavators (crawler and wheeled models), wheel loaders and articulated dumptrucks. Amongst the key exhibits will be recent DA40-5 ADT model and also DX300SLR-5 and DX490LC-5 crawler excavators. The south Korean firm will also be showing the DL250TC-5, DL420-5 and also DL550-5 wheel loaders. 

Louisiana-based DSC Dredge, LLC will certainly be making use of Conexpo-Con/Agg to screen their dredging remedies which variety from an easy systems come the most complicated custom dredges for one-of-a-kind applications. The company’s basic level dredges comprise six various model lines: Merlin; Shark; Barracuda; Moray; Badger; and also Wolverine, all of which have been designed to fulfill their own distinct applications while an enhancing efficiency and also reducing operating costs for the end-user. 

Conexpo-Con/Agg 2017 will mark the north American beginning of JCB’s ground-breaking Hydradig 110W. Offering a brand brand-new concept in tool carrying, the JCB Hydradig has a sturdy all-wheel-drive, four-wheel-steer chassis based on the tools manufacturer’s proven Loadall telescopic handler. Because that the north American market, the machine is powered by one Ecomax Tier 4 Final/Stage IV-compliant diesel engine. According to JCB, the compact Hydradig offers ‘unprecedented visibility, stability, manoeuvrability, mobility and also serviceability’.

Keestrack, worldwide specialists in mobile crushing and screening equipment, will certainly be exhibiting your latest assets for building contractors in the aggregates and also recycling industries. Among the mobile equipment on show will it is in the new light and also compact KT-H4 cone crusher, which has a 250 tonnes/h processing capacity and also a wide range of concaves to allow high adaptability in secondary or tertiary manufacturing of highly identified end fractions. Keestrack will likewise be displaying their 33-tonne R3 tracked impactor, the the smallest unit in ~ the company’s affect crusher range.

McLanahan will certainly be showing three new products – a cross belt sampler, the latest MAX collection inclined vibrating screen and an to update modular wet-processing plant – all designed to help customers increase production and efficiency. As part of the this firm commitment to prolonging the business life that machinery, a range of wear remedies will be displayed, together the number of other processing solutions (in the kind of 3D models). 

Powerscreen will certainly be showcasing their Premiertrak 600 jaw crusher, Warrior 600 mobile screen and Warrior 2400 unit. Follow to the company, the Warrior selection is the widest in the industry with seven devices of varying sizes to fulfill a selection of client requirements. The Premiertrak 600 (available in diesel-hydraulic and diesel-electric variants) has been design to provide maximum productivity and also performance with increased uptime and also low to run costs.

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RDS Technology, specialists in on-board weighing systems, will certainly be presenting your extensive variety of weighing scales and also ancillary products, including: the Weighlog Vue; Weighlog 3030; Weighlog Ex; iSosync; and also Liftlog 1000. Designed to operate within the more quickly loading environments and also toughest the conditions, the Weighlog Vue scale helps minimize cycle times and also maximize tonnes/h power on wheel loaders, if Weighlog Ex is a retrofitted range suited come tracked and wheeled 360° excavators and also materials-handling machines. 

Focusing on total cost of ownership, access of service and also parts, and machine safety, Sandvik will certainly be unveiling their following generation the crushing and also screening solutions, including: the QJ341+ cell phone jaw crusher; CS550 cone crusher; UI310+ wheeled impact crusher; and QE441 free flow mobile scalper. ‘We’re driving creation throughout our whole portfolio, from new equipment to ever smarter customer service,’ said Jeff Heinemann, vice president (sales area USA) of Sandvik Mining and also Rock Technology. ‘We will certainly showcase a compelling giving of products and also services, all designed to advantage our customers’ bottom heat in terms of increased safety and productivity.’

The main exhibit ~ above the Terex Finlay stand will certainly be the I-140 influence crusher, which features an advanced electronic control system that monitors and controls the rate of the rotor and also regulates the heavy-duty vibrating feeder with combined pre-screen to preserve a continual feed that material right into the impact chamber because that optimal crushing. The device is also equipped v a totally hydraulic apron-setting feature, which offers convenient and also efficient mediate of the aprons.

Taking centre phase on the Terex MPS stand will be the new CRC1150S portable closed-circuit plant, which comprises the tried and also tested TC1150 300hp cone crusher and also TSV6203 three-deck screen. Terex MPS will additionally relaunch your Simplicity brand at the show, as component of the that company reorganization framework to deliver highly customized options for customers demanding vibrating tools requirements. 

Volvo CE will certainly be showcasing one extensive range of products, including brand-new models and ‘industry-changing’ principle vehicles. Amongst the equipments on screen will be the EC750E excavator, never-before-seen wheel loaders and also the biggest articulated hauler the firm has constructed to day – the A60H. Make its first public illustration in phibìc America will certainly be the HX02 – a ide battery-electric, completely autonomous load carrier. The swedish manufacturer will additionally be unveiling ActiveCare Direct, which, Volvo say, is the industry’s an initial telematics surveillance service readily available at OEM level and also supported through their own dealer network.