"JULAAAY" is a discredited meme. Just weens talk about Chris related videos with any kind of variant that "JULAAAAAAAY". Big weens are people who think it"s funny to afternoon and/or e-mail Chris through "JULAAAAAAAAAAAAAY". Even bigger weens are those who think it"s funny to contact Chris"s house and scream "JULAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY". The biggest weens of every hack into Chris"s YouTube channel to upload videos of other people screaming "JULAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY".

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On 20 February 2009, the an initial of (unfortunately) several sex tapes that Christian Weston Chandler were leaked to the web - provided, that course, that you count kris humping a blow-up doll until he will a orgasm as a sex tape. The video file For Julies eye Only.MP4 is composed of virtually eight minute of Chris, completely nude other than for his socks, do love to Kimmi, the blow-up doll, in a demonstration to exactly how he"d get intimate through his then-sweetheart Julie. Transparent the video, kris calls Julie"s surname out, eventually culminating in yelling "JULAAAY!" once he"s close come blowing his load.

While the title suggests that the video was meant solely for Julie (or rather, the 13-year-old son pretending to be a woman), the sex ice cream was shortly uploaded to SlutLoad wherein it has received end 3.2 million views. The is perhaps the most-viewed video clip of Chris exterior of YouTube, as indicated by the ongoing permutations that the "JULAAAY!" meme that also Chris is sick of hearing.

On 31 might 2016, it to be proven that kris hasn"t learned indigenous his mistake. ~ above 21 April 2018, he was coerced into making the very same mistake again.

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Chris while humping Kimmi.
You take that like a good, poor girl!
Also when humping Kimmi.
I"m ready to cum!!
Again, when humping Kimmi.


0:06-0:10 "I love you, Julie..."



0:45-0:48 In a solve tone, he sighs "Mmm... Julie..." A moment later, sound surprised by her passion, he exclaims "Julieee!"





2:07-2:08 "Mmm... Julie! Julieeee!"


2:28-2:31 "Yesss, Julie... Julie! Mmmm..."


2:50-2:51 "You choose that, don"t you, Julie?"


3:14-3:20 "Come on, Julie... take that cock... Mmm, Julie!"



3:44-3:47 "Oh, Julie... Julie!"





4:41-4:50 "Julie... Yes, Julie... You take that favor a good—BAD girl!"


5:22-5:23 "Hnmm..."






6:05-6:09 "Oh, Julie...JULAAAAAY, JULAAAAAAAAAAY!!!"

6:23-6:40 "Ju— Yeah... Julie! Julie! Hnmph...hnm... Hnmph...uhh...uhh...uh..."

6:47-7:09 "Hnm, ah, yeah, JULIE! I"m— ah, I"m all set to CUUUM!!! JULIE! JULAY! JULAY! JULIEEE! Julie... HNMPH!"


7:25-7:40 "Julie, give thanks to you."



Postcards the the act to be sent straight to Chris"s father by an cotton troll in early March. His family"s reaction is unknown, except that his PSEye to be briefly taken away.

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Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey And Sam Claflin, Sam Clafin And Àstrid Bergès

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A-Log city hall A male Fuck A Blow-Up Doll

Stardate20 might 2012
Made ByAnthony LoGatto
Subject MatterSex Sex, Smug
Narcissism, Violence
death Threats
Video Type"Commentary"/A-Logging
Other InfoWarning: this video is painful.
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JULAAAY: A-Log Edition

Stardate19 July 2012
Made ByThe A-Log Archive
Other InfoFor /cwc/. (Someone feeling compelled come hack right into Chris"s YouTube channel to spread this cringe-inducing content adhering to his arrest.)
TRUE and also HONEST music-from-a.com pan Videos

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