Caughman-Harman Funeral houses is specialized to helping celebrate your life or the of a loved one v a funeral and memorial service befitting the life lived.


Caughman-Harman Funeral residence - West Columbia Chapel & Southland Memorial Gardens

820 W Dunbar Rd W. Columbia, SC 29170

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us will never ever sell your info or usage it for any purpose other than official Dignity Memorial correspondence. Watch our privacy policy.

Relocation protection

When you have actually a pre-paid arrangement with a Dignity Memorial provider and wish to transfer the setup to one more location an ext than 75 mile away, every information of your setup moves v you. Every one of our pre-paid plans room transferable and will it is in honored by any kind of of the qualifying Dignity Memorial providers in north America. It is a promise friend won’t uncover anywhere else. Constraints apply.


If you ar a life celebration with us, but at some allude in the future, and also for any type of reason, girlfriend would choose to add to your setup with brand-new arrangements, friend can. With lifetime Flexibility, if you desire to make any type of changes to her plan, we are always easily accessible to comment on your plenty of options. Limitations apply.


Should you pass away before your purchased cemetery property is totally paid for, your family will obtain some gaue won relief. Our acquisition Protection setup will assist take treatment of any type of remaining balance because of the cemetery. Purchaser need to be under 65 year of age; best forgiven balance no to exceed $5,000. Other limitations may apply.


"I received optimal notch care and close attention to information start to finish. Brent made the entire process very easy and stress free. Brent sincerely cared and went over and beyond to make sure all mine exp..."

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Verified Cremation Customer

December 2021

"Losing a loved one proves to it is in the most daunting time a family members can experience. Our household has, for numerous years, looked come Caughman Harman to assist us in giving services in a professional, dignifi..."

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Verified interment & Memorial company Customer

November 2021

"All of the employee at Caughman Harmon Funeral residence is professional and very caring. It was a pleasure meeting them and I have actually our arrangements through them as well."

Verified funeral & Memorial business Customer

November 2021

"Exceptional dealing with of every element of our funeral arrangements, professional and also compassionate."

Verified burial Customer

November 2021

"The entirety team was just wonderful and also caring. I might not have asked for far better service."

Verified burial & Memorial business Customer

October 2021

"The entire experience to be pleasurable even throughout an extremely challenging time. Every employee member confirmed genuine treatment for myself (the window) and other family and also friends. I had zero things to worry a..."

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Verified burial & Memorial organization Customer

October 2021

"Our family is forever grateful to the employee of Caughman-Harman Funeral residence for their type assistance throughout our current loss. Each employee member us encountered was compassionate, caring, and empatheti..."

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Verified funeral & Memorial service Customer

October 2021

"We got excellence service, particularly the tender care of the human body of mine Mother."

Verified interment & Memorial business Customer

September 2021

"William's professionalism and also compassion assisted me obtain thru a very complicated time. Wilhelm was always available and provided everything one would require in a time of too much stress and sadness. Ns would..."

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Verified funeral & Memorial company Customer

July 2021

"I am so thankful that we had Caughman-Harmon Funeral house be our provider for my father's funeral. Us were may be to purchase a plan that met our financial needs. As soon as the time come for the service, t..."

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Verified Cremation & Funeral organization Customer

June 2021

Find out more about Caughman-Harman Funeral Homes

At Caughman-Harman Funeral Homes, we are committed to help you celebrate your life or the of a love one v a funeral and memorial company befitting the life lived. Offer the local neighborhood with places throughout Chapin, Lexington and also W. Columbia, we ensure friend not only receive the compassionate care you expect from a locally operated establishment, but also the highest possible quality of care and also value girlfriend deserve.

If you expect someone to happen soon, or are at the moment of require now, please call us. Someone is below to answer your call 24 hrs a day, 7 work a week.

At Caughman-Harman Funeral Homes, we"re additionally experts in planning funeral, cremation or cemetery services in advance. Planning ahead is a responsible, caring plot that have the right to reduce stress and anxiety for her grieving loved ones. It’s simple to understand how making decision now about your last arrangements can help assure those left behind the your wishes room being honored.

Did friend know? As component of the Dignity Memorial family of funeral and also cremation providers, we deserve to offer girlfriend relocation security of your pre-funded funeral plans. As soon as you have actually a pre-paid setup with a Dignity Memorial provider and also wish to deliver the plan to one more location an ext than 75 miles away, every detail of your plan moves with you. All of our pre-paid plans space transferable and also will be honored by any of the qualifying Dignity Memorial service providers in phibìc America. It is a promise girlfriend won’t uncover anywhere else. Constraints apply.

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Learn an ext about planning ahead, or contact us and we"ll it is in in touch right away.