Birth nameJeanie ClarkeRoleProfessional wrestlerTrained byChris AdamsDebut1979Retired1991NameLady Blossom
Jeanie Clarke (born April 4, 1959) is a retirement English expert wrestling manager and also author. She is best known for she appearances through the American skilled wrestling promotions the United says Wrestling Association and World Championship Wrestling native 1990 to 1991 under the particular ring names Jeanie Adams and Lady Blossom as the valet for "Stunning" Steve Austin. In 2016, Clarke released she autobiography, with The not correct Glass.

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Jeanie lady blossom clarke talks rock cold addiction fans and more

Jeanie Clarke Talks gift Married To stone Cold Steve Austin, Addiction, WCW, people Class

Early life


Clarke originally functioned as a model. She took trip to the United says alongside her then-boyfriend, expert wrestler chris Adams. The pair split up in the beforehand 1980s, and in 1990 Clarke started a relationship with wrestler "Stunning" Steve Austin.

Joint Promotions (1979–1981)


In 1979, Clarke began her wrestling career together a ringside 2nd for her then-boyfriend chris Adams for the British-based company Joint Promotions.

World class Championship wrestles / United states Wrestling combination (1990–1991)


In 1990, Clarke"s ex-boyfriend chris Adams said bringing her to the Dallas, Texas-based promotion human being Class Championship Wrestling and the Memphis, Tennessee-based United states Wrestling Association together a valet for "Stunning" Steve Austin. Clarke to be billed as Chris" ex-wife "Jeanie Adams" to add an extra measurement to his feud with Austin, a wrestler he had trained in ~ his wrestling college at the Sportatorium. During later bouts between Austin and also Adams, Clarke would frequently catfight v Adams" valet and also then-wife, Toni Adams. Clarke additionally wrestled Adams in a number of intergender tags team matches and also a high-profile singles match at the Sportatorium. The original idea of the angle came around in the start of 1986 once Adams began his storyline feud through Gino Hernandez.


In 1991, Austin and Clarke left WCCW and also the USWA and would later join world Championship Wrestling.

World Championship rings (1991)

In 1991, Austin was hired by civilization Championship Wrestling, wherein Vivacious Veronica came to be his valet. After number of weeks, Clarke to be hired to change Vivacious Veronica. She was provided the surname by Dusty Rhodes, who stated it was since her "chest was blossoming out of her top". Lady flower debuted on 1 June 1991 episode of WCW global by helping Austin defeat Bobby Eaton because that the WCW world Television Championship.

The duo did not have actually a distinctive gimmick, but they tried to portray themselves together being a couple of high society. Austin came down to the ring in an extravagant robe, vice versa, Lady Blossom generally donned a luxurious cleavage-baring night gown. In a sharp contrast to she time in world Class Championship Wrestling, Lady blossom did not acquire an chance to speak much on camera—she speak on camera on much less than a grasp of occasions throughout she WCW tenure. Blossom supplied her actions rather of her words as she did not hesitate come involve it s her in Austin"s matches in order for him to maintain his WCW tv title. Blossom commonly interfered in his matches, although her interference backfired indigenous time to time, and she periodically took bumps.

On one occasion, Lady blossom hopped onto the ring apron in an attempt to distract the referee from the action in the ring. As she was suggesting with the referee, Tracy Smothers inadvertently ran into her simply as Austin had actually moved the end of the way. Smothers" collision through Blossom jostled her and she fell to the floor mat a few moments later. Also, Lady blossom constantly interfered in Austin"s TV title matches through P.N. News and thus he preserved his title again as result of her interference. Right once the 10-minute time border was drawing near, blossom interfered in the enhance just together Austin was around to it is in pinned, therefore causing a disqualification. Blossom"s many frequent technique of a disrupting a complement was to run on the back of Austin"s adversary just as he was around to it is in pinned. She climate scratched Austin"s opponent"s confront with she fingernails. One more instance in which Lady Blossom"s interference backfired took place in respectable 1991 on an illustration of WCW strength Hour throughout a TV title match pitting Austin and Ron Simmons. Simmons to be on the verge of success in the match, yet Lady Blossom gone into the ring and also jumped ~ above his back to cause a disqualification.

For a string of main in October 1991, both Blossom and also Austin go an angle including a pair the brass knuckles. Throughout Austin"s matches, Lady blossom pulled out of a pair the brass knuckles the was underhandedly surprise underneath her cleavage and tucked inside one of the cup of she bra. Once the referee"s attention was attracted elsewhere, she pulled the brass knuckles out of her bra and also hand the weapon end to Austin so that he might use them on his opponent. Unbeknownst come the official, Austin win his enemy with the knuckles and also then conveniently handed them ago over come Blossom. Lady Blossom then cleverly hidden the brass knuckles within of her bra again and also behave as if nothing ever before happened. Austin climate pinned his unconscious opponent for the victory. The couple"s shenanigans operated for a few weeks, however they were recorded within early out time. At the conclusion the a match between Steve Austin and PN News top top WCW Saturday Night, Lady Blossom aided Austin cheat to success yet again. ~ the match, an tease Dustin Rhodes came down to ringside to describe to the referee that Austin had actually cheated in his match by striking his adversary with a pair the brass knuckles and also that the weapon was concealed inside the Lady Blossom"s dress. Both Blossom and also Austin egged Rhodes on to prove come the referee that they had cheated in the match, yet he reluctantly refuse to location his hand under her dress understanding the potential sex-related harassment concerns his activity caused. Moment later, Madusa landed on to the scene to confront the perpetrators and attempt come verify Rhodes" claims. Madusa climate did what Rhodes was lot too uncomfortable to do by literally acquisition matters right into her own hands and sticking she hand inside of Blossom"s dress. Madusa was easily able to traction the concealed weapon out of Blossom"s dress and show turn off her discovery to the crowd. Because the referee now had visible proof that Austin did in fact cheat to victory the match, the reversed his decision in donate of News.

Blossom retirement from expert wrestling in so late 1991 after ending up being pregnant with her 2nd daughter. She make her final appearance v WCW on 19 November 1991 at Clash of the champions XVII, accompanying Austin come ringside for his title defense against P.N. News.

Personal life

Clarke had a partnership with professional wrestler kris Adams for five years, with the pair having a daughter, Jade. Clarke and Adams break-up up in the beforehand 1980s. Contradictory to the rings storyline, the two were never actually married in genuine life. In 1983, in stimulate to continue to be in the unified States, Clarke married expert wrestler wilhelm "Billy Jack" Haynes, with the couple later divorcing. In 1990, Clarke started a relationship with experienced wrestler Steve "Steve Austin" Williams. The pair married in 1993 and also had two daughters, Stephanie Britt (born 1992) and Cassidy Skye (born 1996). Clarke and also Austin divorced in 1999, through Clarke and also her kids later return to the uk in 2001.

Clarke is attributed with help Austin build his "Stone Cold" persona. If he to be contemplating a change in ring surname from "The Ringmaster," she told him to drink his tea prior to it got "stone cold," and also suggested he usage the nickname. She was also instrumental in the creation of the "Austin 3:16" catchphrase.

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On 4 may 2016, Clarke released her autobiography, v The wrong Glass with Amazon.

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