Unlike many classes, weapons room not meaningful upgrades because that Druids. Right here iseverything you need to know around how Druids use weapons.

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Druids know how to usage their starting melee weaponswhen created, however they can also learn just how to use countless other weapon varieties from Weapon Masters approximately the world.

Weapon Master location Weapon skills available
Darnassus (around 57,46) Daggers, Fist Weapons, Staves
Ironforge (around 62,89) Fist Weapons, Daggers, Maces
Stormwind (around 57,57) Daggers, Staves
Orgrimmar (around 81,19) Staves, Daggers, Fist Weapons
Thunder Bluff (41,62) Staves, Maces
Undercity (57,32) Daggers

Melee classes usage melee weapons, Hunters supplied ranged weapons, and also casters usewands. Druids, however, can not make an excellent use of any type of of these. Druids cannot usewands or ranged weapons, and while they deserve to use melee weapons, they perform not benefitfrom them in the same way as other melee classes. Rogues and also Warriors usage weaponsto auto assault for their capacity damage, but this is not the situation for Feral Druids.

Cat type and
Bear kind have normalized autoattacks based off their strike power, no their weapon damage. Capacity damage iscalculated using these normalized auto attacks, an interpretation weapon damages is meaninglessfor Feral Druids. You space hitting enemies with her paw and claws, not your weapon.Weapons are just as an excellent as the stats they have on them.

Druids can use Staves, yet weapons are all around stats. This method your many likelyupgrades will simply be random weapon autumn that occur to have an excellent stats, such asAgility and also Strength for Feral or + Nature damages for Balance.

Druids have the right to use Daggers, however weapons room all about stats. This way your most likelyupgrades will just be arbitrarily weapon fall that take place to have great stats, such asAgility and Strength because that Feral or + Nature damage for Balance.


Axes for WoW standard Druids

Druids cannot use axes.


Maces because that WoW standard Druids

Druids can use Maces, however weapons space all around stats. This method your most likelyupgrades will just be random weapon autumn that take place to have an excellent stats, together asAgility and Strength for Feral or + Nature damage for Balance.

Druids deserve to use Fist Weapons, yet weapons are all about stats. This means your most likelyupgrades will just be random weapon fall that happen to have an excellent stats, together asAgility and also Strength because that Feral or + Nature damage for Balance.

As stated above, watch for weapons that have good stats, such as Agility and Strengthfor Feral or + Nature/Arcane damages for Balance. Inspect the auction home for BoEweapons if you can spare the gold, however do not spend too much. Remember the weaponsare no different than any other equipment upgrade, for this reason are not worth spending lots ofgold on.

For an ext leveling information, please describe our leveling guide for Druids.

Druids will use a couple of different finish game weapons relying on spec. Balance Druidswill emphasis on + Arcane Damage, restoration Druids will focus on + Healing, and FeralDruids have a unique weapon that they walk for.

If friend look at the BiS lists because that Druids, friend will watch that most of the listsinclude the location 14 PvP tools such together the

High Warlord"s Spellblade. Theseare extremely an effective weapons, can quickly be BiS in both PvP and PvE content. However,they room without question the hardest items in the video game to obtain, requiring monthsof dedicated play to be able to acquire them. Very few people will certainly every be ableto earn these weapons, so do not emphasis too lot on them as they room out the reachfor the vast bulk of players. Below are several of the best alternatives.

Feral Tank Druids usage
Warden Staff, which will certainly actually be her BiS weaponfor all of WoW standard when it pertains to taking as tiny damage together possible. Savingup the gold to to buy this early should be one of your an initial priorities as a Feral Tank!

You can check the finish list for each kind of Druid weaponat itemization.info,a website that have the right to filter weapons and also armor piece by phase, class, slot, and also basicallyany parameter that you would certainly need.For an ext end-game gearing information, please describe our gearing guides for Druids.

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