This is a Skyrim body replacer the replaces the base female body through one that is a little more curvacious. If you loved the HGEC bodies from oblivion, you will feel right at house with this one -- that is based on the proportions of the mod.

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Original document can be found



The body mesh is a fully custom mesh, at much more than twin the resolution of variation 0.1. Care was bring away to maintain match in between vanilla head, hands and also feet to minimize seams as lot as possible. Consisted of is a completely custom texture and also reworked normal map come fit the body. The seams are mixed with the vanilla texture to minimize visibility of seams. Likewise redone space the mesh weights because that animation, offering boosted deformation in numerous poses.

Note the overall size the the version was kept as much as possible, therefore armor and clothing replacers currently built making use of this body should require much less work to incorporate this version. However, the result of redoing the UV"s, Normalmap and also Texture is slightly lessened visual top quality until those space replaced

Two main meshes space included, a "light weight" mesh and a "heavy" one -- the primary distinction is the dimension of the breasts and butt. This allows the in-game weight slider can be used to manage the size of her character"s features. Note that the neck, wrists, and ankles human body will likewise grow larger with bigger weights -- this is generally to prevent seam gaps between hand, head, and also feet meshes.

To install, copy the included textures and also meshes folder to your skyrim/data directory. Acquire in game and also take off the nearest female"s clothes!

Two optional mesh documents are included:

"fixedbreast_smallmeshesactorscharactercharacter assetsfemalebody_1.nif"

-- cause breast size to be resolved at the minimum size (only the target is affected by the load slider). To install, copy the fixedbreast_smallmeshes folder to her skyrimdata folder after the key package has been installed. Only one record will must be overwritten.

"fixedbreast_bigmeshesactorscharactercharacter assetsfemalebody_0.nif"

-- reason breast dimension to be addressed at the maximum dimension (only the target is influenced by the weight slider). To install, copy the fixedbreast_bigmeshes folder to your skyrimdata folder after the key package has actually been installed. Just one document will need to be overwritten.

Note: This mod will not impact the appearance of your character as soon as wearing any kind of armor! (Except for once said armor has been modded come conform come BBE"s proportions.)


to adjust your weight you can use showracemenu ~ above the console OR usage player.setnpcweight 1-100 on the console.

armor will certainly not display your brand-new body till that armor has been modded to fit. Productive modders room out there helping v that effort, and I"m slowly trying to as well.


MxR ~ above Youtube featured this mode (V0.1) in his weekly youtube special on skyrim modding. Check it out:

-=-=-=-= v 0.2 Features: -=-=-=-=-=

- greater Resolution mesh gives smoother curves and also lighting

- Improved animation weighting provides somewhat better deformation during animation (still some ugliness from the animations themselves -- weights deserve to only settle so much). Shoulders, thighs, and knees are significantly helped through this.

- new UVs, both a blessing and a curse, permits for an ext detail in particular areas. The downside: old textures and also normal map will certainly look strange.

- brand-new Texture and Normal map created from scratch. Vital to match the brand-new UVs, the texture is a cleaner, softer spring one 보다 the vanilla texture.

--=-=-=--=-Before friend download, please review the following:-=-=-=--=-

--This is a new, higher resolution mesh. I"ve attempted to save the proportions as comparable as feasible to the original version. The brand-new mesh will certainly NOT automatically appear as part of armor replacers using the body.

--New regular Map and Textures will cause some troubles with armor replacers. When armor replacers utilizing CBBE will certainly not take on the brand-new mesh automatically, castle WILL embrace the new Normals and Texture map. This way that cleavage, nipples and revealing components of equipment armor replacers will certainly look weird until they update their mods. Don"t download this brand-new version if that is a problem for you, and also encourage her favorite mod writer to update. Side note -- to update armor mods space no more complicated than the first time around, and also maybe easier, so it hope won"t be tough to get everything updated.

I do not arrangement to redo UVs or regular maps in a far-ranging way from now on, therefore it should be for sure to assume that this will be the last time the this rework will have to be done. My apologies come those productive mod creators.

-- structure mods that fit the original CBBE will certainly not to the right this one. They"re close -- most likely only a little adjustment needed. Again, apologies because that wasting various other peoples hard work v this change.

OUTFITS that use this body mod (there could be more that i don"t know about)

* The Nocturnal dress (Fine clothes replacer), through me (v0.1)


The v0.2 install package consists of two extr mesh papers that can replace the original documents to cause breast size to stay fixed to one of two people the little size or the big size. View readme because that details.

Caliente body Slim body Edition (optional file download) v0.2

This is a different on the Caliente body whereby the breast dimension varies from small to medium. The slider effects the butt size (as per CBBE) and breast size. early to tiny size that the breasts, a new normal map and textures to be created, and also are incpomatible through the traditional CBBE textures.

Caliente body NeverNude (optional document download (v0.2)

This is just a version of the typical CBBE meshes v the Vanilla underwear fitted to them. To install you should install the traditional CBBE or CBBE slim first, then install the NeverNude version. Note that if you install this over the Slim models, girlfriend will loose the smaller breasts until I to be able to include underwear for those sizes together well. Currently, i haven"t yet had the time to it is adapted the same process to the Slim models or the SillyHuge model, return I will soon.

Athletic Nude females by Valstien0

Valstien to be gracious sufficient to add a variation of his good athletic females textures that job-related with CBBE v0.2. Examine them the end for some substantially improved muscle tone:

Beast gyeongju Beautiful skins were kindly adapted to this mode by watshisface: (Khajiit and also argonian skin textures, as well as some textured underwear) (v 0.2)

-=-=-=-=-= variation 0.1 options: -=-=-=-=-=-=-

Caliente Body standard Bottom execution (optional file download) v0.1

This is a different on the Caliente body whereby the body"s bottom is addressed in dimension to the smallest. The sliders through default adjust breast size and also arm size, however an included file allows the breast dimension to continue to be fixed in ~ their biggest size. This record can be offered as a standalone version of the body, and also replaces all records in the BBE edition.

Caliente human body Natural huge Bottom execution (optional paper download) v0.1

This is a testing variant the the BBE body where the waist has been raised in dimension to a an ext natural scale. The belt size remains fixed (no slider) but it is aimed in ~ addressing the desire of plenty of users because that a slightly much less skinny body. An option is had for bigger arms (also addressed size), the common BBE arms are roughly 46 % maximum vanilla beefiness --- v this option, the arms are set to their maximum beefiness. (muscular typical map choice coming soon) This record can be provided as a standalone variation of the body, and also replaces all records in the BBE edition.

Caliente Body shave Look (v 0.1)

A texture record that replaces the regular skin and also gives the girls a nice new shave. Requires among the Caliente body mods to be installed first. (V0.2 note: the default texture for v0.2 is a shaved look)

A pretty Kahjiit skin by Nalim666 that functions nicely v this mod: (v 0.1)



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Thank you come Thepal for the nice nude females texture. (v0.1)

Also many thanks to raiar because that the original HGEC body, and Exnem prior to him :)


- enhanced mesh (more polygons for smoother surfaces and far better animation/shadows and improved anatomy)

- boosted texture (may requires head/hand/feet texturing too...)

- improved normal map (a couple of hard come spot bumps to smooth out and also the nipple modeling is type of silly)

- more combinations the mesh variation (fixing shoulder size and c hanging breast size, etc.