Slap! is the fourth studio album through anarchist punk band Chumbawamba. It was a radical redefinition that the band"s sound and also attitude. The songs now inspired dancing an ext than moshing, and also the lyrics were celebratory together opposed to victimist.

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Track listing


Dunst: vocals, percussion, soprano saxophoneHarry: drums, percussionCobie Laan: live recordingMavis Dillan: bass, trumpet, vocalsSimon "Commonknowledge" Lanzon: keyboards, accordion, piano


Alan Wilkinson: alto and baritone saxophonesNeil Ferguson: keyboardsDill: whineDerek: woofMia: vocalsTanja (formerly Tania): mouth organ, vocals

also appearing on this document are:Carl Douglas, Elvis Presley, mark E. Smith, Dagmar Krause, Philip Glass, Adam Ant, Ladysmith black color Mambazo, George Gershwin, coin Rimbaud, Jake Burns, rob "n" Raz, Lenny Bruce, Muszikas Ensemble, note Perry, corridor of Four, and Poly Styrene.


Slapping (strike)

Slapping or smacking describes striking a human being with the open up palm that the hand.

Etymology and definitions

The word was first recorded in 1632, probably as a form of Onomatopoeia. It share its beginning consonants v several other English words regarded violence, such together "slash", "slay", and "slam". The word is found in number of English colloquialisms, together as, "slap fight", "slap-happy", "slapshot", "slapstick", "slap on the wrist" (as a soft punishment), "slap in the face" (as an humiliation or, alternatively, together a reproof versus a lewd or violation comment), and also "slap top top the back" (an expression the friendship or congratulations). A slap with the ago of the hand is frequently identified as a "backhand slap" and, top top occasion, a "pimp slap." In jazz and other layouts of music, the term describes the activity of pulling an instrument"s strings earlier and allowing them come smack the tool (see Slapping (music)).

"Bitch slap" is African-American slang the dates ago to the 1990s. The is offered to average killing a woman, or to describe a mrs hitting a man, or a mrs or gay male haranguing somebody, or a male hitting someone else in one effeminate way. Bitch slap has also been offered in American prisons since the 1990s to refer to slapping rather of punching, through the implication that the perpetrator isn"t "man enough" to supply a closed-fist punch.

Slap (song)

"Slap" is the fourth single from Ludacris" fifth album Release treatment (2006).

Song information

"Slap" is one account of poverty on bush America. That narrator explains that he is emotion tired around working a lot and also getting a short wage, and because of this, he has actually thoughts about beating (in the uncensored version, killing) his boss. His frustration is then defined to be bigger than that: his finest friend to be murdered just a day before. He likewise explains the he has thoughts around robbing a bank to have sufficient money to feed his child baby. Later, in ~ the end of the song, his vehicle is robbed and also he expresses an ever before bigger disappointment in ~ the government. Follow to Allmusic reviewer Marisa Bromusic-from-a.com, Ludacris" character in the song has these thoughts since he is suffering from depression.

Music video

The music video was released beforehand in 2007. The is based upon Martin Scorsese"s Taxi Driver, with Ludacris together Travis Bickle, with countless references to the movie, including Ludacris kicking over his TV when watching president Bush and also doing the above "You talkin" to me?" in an interlude. The video clip shows Ludacris as a taxi driver (wearing the same jacket together Robert De Niro) and the video ends with Ludacris storming a brothel and punching the bouncer and a prostitute"s customer, in a comparable fashion to Taxi Driver"s ending, yet without the use of guns. It is specialized to Ludacris" father and best friend Wayne Bridges together it is claimed at the finish of the video. In the scene wherein Ludacris is functioning out he is checked out wearing a fan t-shirt the the Paratroopers Brigade the the Israel Defense Forces.

Colonist (The X-Files)

The Colonists are an extraterrestrial varieties in the science fiction tv show, The X-Files, and also the an initial X-Files attribute film. The secret revolving around their identity and purpose is revealed across the course of the series. In the series" plot, the colonists are collaborating through a team of unified States government officials knomusic-from-a.com as the Syndicate in a arrangement to colonize the Earth, therefore their name.

personality arc

According to the collection mythology, an extraterrestrial lifeform, recognized in the series" mythology just as the Colonists, to be originally present on earth in the early on stages of human evolution. They highly resemble the famous "grey aliens" in their mature form. In your immature stage, they are an ext yellowish colored, tall, and really aggressive, possessing fangs, claws and scale-like texture of your skin. This immature type is a protective stage, able come viciously safeguard itself indigenous birth. This external skin is eventually melted when the alien establishes into its mature form. The immature kind resembles the of a reptilian extraterrestrial and also is described as the "long-clawed" form.

extraterrestrial (franchise)

Alien is a science-fiction horror film franchise focused on a film series that depicts Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and her battles v an extraterrestrial lifeform, frequently referred to as "the Alien".

Produced by 20th Century Fox, the collection began with Alien (1979), command by Ridley Scott. It was complied with by three sequels, released in 1986, 1992 and also 1997. A plan prequel collection directed by Scott is in development, start with the 2012 release of Prometheus.

The series has led to countless books, comics and video clip game spin-offs. Regarded the franchise is the two-part extraterrestrial vs. Predator series, which combine the continuities that Aliens with the Predators indigenous the Predator movie series.

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After perfect of the film Dark Star (1974), writer Dan O"Bannon believed to build some the the concepts (especially the theme of "alien hunts crew with a spaceship") and create a science-fiction fear film. Provisionally referred to as Memory, screenwriter Ronald Shusett collaborated with O"Bannon ~ above the project, adding elements native a ahead O"Bannon script, Gremlins, i beg your pardon featured gremlins bring about mayhem plank a human being War II bomber and also wreaking havoc v the crew. The duo perfect the script, originally entitled Star Beast, which to be later adjusted to extraterrestrial after O"Bannon i found it the number of times the word "alien" occurred in the script. Their manuscript was offered to Brandywine Productions, a agency formed by producers Gordon Carroll, David Giler, and also Walter Hill that had a distribution deal with 20th Century Fox. The authors imagined a low-budget film, however the success that Star wars inclined 20th Century Fox to invest millions top top the production.