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Juan Rivera is an American singer that hails indigenous Mexico. The is likewise an actor. Juan was formerly married.

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Quick facts of Juan Rivera

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Social Media

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Juan Rivera
United claims of America
$10 Million
6 feet 2 customs (1.88m)
Actor, Singer
Pedro Rivera
Rosa Saavedra
104.3 Kg
Dark brown
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Relationship facts of Juan Rivera

Juan Rivera is not having actually an affair v anyone presently.His sexual orientation is straight.

More around the relationship

Juan Rivera is probably single. Although his career took on a successful course his love life couldn’t execute so. It spins now, he has been married thrice.

Firstly, he was married to Anna DeJuan in 1986, climate Jennifer Garcia in 1997, and lastly Megan Jones in 2005.

His personal life isn’t in the limelight together his career route is. That is effectively keeping his an individual life far away from the tabloids. That does not have any kind of kids.

Inside Biography

Who is Juan Rivera?

Juan Rivera is an American singer and actor.

He is one active singer because 1995 and also he is best known for his documents like El Atizador, El Abandonado, El Tamaulipeco, and Me Puse a Pensar.

Juan Rivera: Age, Parents, Ethnicity, Education

Talking around his early on life he experienced his childhood in the joined States. His date of birth and place is no disclosed.

His parents space Pedro Rivera (father) and Rosa Saavedra (mother). Over there isn’t any type of record of as soon as he was born. That is of mexico ethnicity and also has one American nationality.

Juan to be fond of to sing from very early age. There isn’t much information about his education.

Juan Rivera: Career, Profession

Talking about the career journey of Juan Rivera, he is energetic in singing because 1995 and also he is still active in it. He released his very first record El Atizador in 1995 at the period of 16.

In the exact same year, that again exit his 2nd album El Atizador, Vol. 2. Through his to sing talent, the was well-known to the human being gaining fans and also followers. He started releasing albums one after another every year.

Caption: Juan Rivera (Source: The Sun)

Juan exit Juan Rivera Y los Corridos Mas Broncudos in 1999 and also Los Cuates Colgando and also Orden de Aprehension in 2000.

After onwards, he has released numerous records including Oveja Negra, El Tamaulipeco, Mano a Mano Musical, Entre Loquera, and also much more.

Besides his singing career, the is also an actor that has appeared in La dinastía de Los Pérez in i beg your pardon he showed up as José louis Perez in 1994. In 2001, he showed up with the extra function in Jefe de Nadie.

He has actually spread his wings equally at lull in both media. In 2013, he performed in ~ the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

Juan Rivera: Salary, net Worth

His success in the career path has actually paid him well financially. He has actually a network worth the $700,000(2017) yet his salary is not revealed yet.

As that 2021, his net worth is $10 million.

Juan Rivera: Rumor, Controversy

There room no correct rumors about his personal and expert life. Together of now, he has actually not been stuck into any kind of controversy. It appears he has actually concentrated more on his job-related rather 보다 on other stuff.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight

Moving in the direction of his body measurements, Juan Rivera has a good height the 6 feet 2 inch (188 cm) and weighs 104.3 kg. His hair shade is Black and his eyes space dark brown.

Social Media

Juan is energetic in miscellaneous sorts of society media favor Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. That has roughly 261,483 followers on Facebook.

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He has an ext than 256k pendant on Instagram and also has an ext than 347k pendant on Twitter.