This is a overview to the Shrine Quest, The Bird in the Mountains, in Legend that Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Right here you can find the pursuit walkthrough, where to start The Bird in the Mountains and also all search rewards.

How to start The Bird in the Mountains

The Bird in the mountains Location

search Giver ar
Rito Village

The Bird in the mountains Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Talk to Molli
Head to the Cedar Tree
Look because that the Shrine
Talk come Molli
Look and also talk to Molli in Rito Village. You can find her sit on the ledge, ~ above the stair in in between Larissa"s room and the kitchen.

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Head come the Cedar Tree

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Head to Cedar Tree
Go to the shown tree located at the Talonto Peak. It should take you around 10 minutes to get there. prior to you start trekking your means into the tree, prepare part food or elixirs that provides cold resistance. You can likewise equip the Snowquill Armor if you have it to safeguard yourself native the cold.

Search because that the "Bird"
Look northwest native the Talonto Peak and look for a bird-looking landscape. Glide there and also start searching for the Shrine.

Look for the Shrine


Look because that the Shrine
You should have the ability to see the Shrine within a little cave while gliding top top the method to the bird-looking landscape. Activate the Shrine, and also that should complete the quest.

The Bird in the mountains Quest Rewards

Clearing the pursuit unlocks the Mozo Shenno Shrine.

Adventure log in Entries

This is a complete list of the Adventure log in entries for The Bird in the Mountains.

entry Entry text
Quest Clear When friend looked the end from the height of the lone cedar tree Molli told friend about, you saw the shape of a large bird in the snowy cliff tops.As friend soared under to investigate, you caught a glimpse that a hidden ancient shrine!

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The Bird in the mountains Walkthrough

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