Costs one hunter orb per run. The same orb used for Frontier Hunter.Consists of 30 set stages. They’re constantly the same. Every 5 stages you have actually the choice to continue, pause and also resume later, or quit.Quitting need to only be done once farming FG points and also if you know you can’t success the following stages. If you obtain wiped in ~ a stage you will certainly not receive any kind of rewards. The only way to claim rewards is come quit or clean the FG.One squad. You can’t adjust your squad till you either quit at a 5 phase checkpoint, or die.Every 5 stages you can choose between a couple of various buffs, or take it none and bring the set item set. They differ from the start of every stage and also replenish every 5 step if you bring them over. Buffs and items will certainly not be lugged over to the next 5 rounds.If you die you have to start from the beginning. Using orbs to retry from the critical checkpoint has actually not been enforced yet.Bring a mitigator, healer, poison inflictor, and also an optional HoT. These functions are required other than for the warm which is extremely valuable as among the bosses has a very strong DoT.

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(Nothing one-of-a-kind for the very first 20 levels. Autobattle if friend so desire.) stage #1-5 Available Assistances:

Boosts ATT through 20%Boosts Def by 20%Start with complete BB GaugeItem sets

Stage 1: King Burny, King Squirty, King Mossy, King Sparky.

Stage 2: Leon, Verica, Zaza, and also Grafl.

Stage 3: Luna and Mifune.

Stage 4: Fire Idol, Water Idol, earth Idol, Thunder Idol, irradiate Idol, and also Dark Idol.

Stage 5: Vargas, Selena, Eze, and also Lance.

Stage #6-10 Available Assistances:

Invalidate All condition AilmentsStart with complete BB GaugeBoost BB Gauge when attackedBoost damage dealt during spark through 50%Heal all systems HP come fullRevive all dead units

Stage 6: 2x metal Ghost and 2x Jewel Ghost.

Stage 7: Lava, Mega, Emilia, and Douglas.

Stage 8: Falma, Luna, and also Shida.

Stage 9: irradiate Totem and also Dark Totem.

Stage 10: Rameldria.

Stage #11-15 Available Assistances:

Boost Atk through 25% and rise damage during an essential hit.Boost HP and Rec through 25% and heal every turn.Start with full BB gauge.Boost Def by 30%, chance to reduce damage, and reduce damages when guarding.Fills BB gauge every turn and increase BB fill rate.Item Set

Stage 11: Zegar, Zephu, Leore, and Weiss.

Stage 12: Zergel and Vanberk.

Stage 13: Zerafalgar and Farvnil (Ragshelm).

Stage 14: Zerafalgar and Oguro.

Stage 15: Alpha, Kanon, Feeva, and also Kira.

Stage #16-20 Available Assistances:

Boost HP, Atk, Def, and Rec through 30%.Invalidate all standing ailments and chance come inflict random status ailments when attacking.Fills BB gauge every turn and increase BB to fill rate.Start with complete BB gauge.Boost BB gauge as soon as attacked and also recover HP as soon as attacked. Article Set

Stage 16:Tora and also Fahdal.

Stage 17: Arus and Sergio.

Stage 18: Jewel God.

Removes buffs and also does negligible damage.

Stage 19: Fire Mecha God, Water Mecha God, earth Mecha God, and Thunder Mecha God.

Weaker than their Vortex counterparts.

Stage 20: Tazer, Faris, Zeln, and Priscilla

Stage #21-25 Available Assistances:

Boost HP, Atk, Def, and Rec through 30%.Boost Atk by 30%, an increase damage during crucial hit, and an increase BB damage.Boost Def through 30%, opportunity to reduce damage, and reduce damages when guarding.Fills BB gauge every turn, boost BB to fill rate, and also reduce BB gauge usage when utilizing BB.Boost BB gauge as soon as attacked and recover HP once attacked., and also low possibility to reduce damage to 1.Invalidate all status ailments, chance to inflict random standing ailments when attacking, and boost damage dealt throughout weakness element.Boost damage dealt throughout spark by 75%, and also BB fills as soon as sparking.Boost typical hit count and grant angel Idol as soon as HP falls below 20%.Invalidate all an important damages and also weakness element damages from enemies.Revive all unitsItem Sets

Stage 21: Lin

Does not attack at all except if you fail to fulfill the adhering to conditionMust minimize her HP to under 50% in 3 turns or less.If girlfriend fail then she inflicts an AoE that won’t death you yet leave you an extremely low and also remove every BB gauge.If friend succeed climate she heals your team.On the fourth turn she commits sudoku and also disappearsOverall, reasonably straightforward. Not lot to worry around here.

Stage 22: Mifune

Mifune’s assaults don’t pains in the slightest. Mitigation every turn ( heck dont also really require it back it’s encourage in situation of crits ) and also you’ll it is in fine.

Stage 23: Edea and also Loch

Edea gives Loch and herself mitigation and all condition ailments. This will certainly not be active on the first turn so usage it to transaction as much damages as friend can.Loch can be paralyzedLoch deserve to activate his UBB to transaction a massive AoE the turn after.They have relatively low HP. Nothing also serious, you have the right to survive Loch UBB with simply mitigation. You can guard her water systems if you want to it is in safe.

Stage 24: Kikuri and Sefia

Kikuri clears LS and Sefia clears buffs every turn.Kikuri is fragile to paralysis and also Sefia is fragile to curse.They deserve to inflict poison and also curse.I introduce UBBing here. You can either use a damage UBB or a 100% standing ailment UBB. The much faster you kill the better. However, if you don’t have actually the damage for that, walk for Kikuri first. If your condition ailment buffer has actually paralyze and curse, and can struggle them through those.

Stage 25: Defense System

Mostly ST attacks.Can do multiple solid AoE’s in one revolve that friend will conveniently survive v the right defensive collection up. Occurs every 3 turns.Inflicts damage to itself and also does not attack. Wake up every 5 turns.Straightforward battle.

Stage #26-30 Available Assistances:

Boost HP, Atk, Def, and also Rec by 30%.Boost BB gauge as soon as attacked and recover HP when attacked., and low chance to reduce damage to 1.Fills BB gauge every turn, boost BB fill rate, and reduce BB gauge consumption when utilizing BB.Boost HP and Rec through 30%, heal every turn, and also drains as soon as attacking.Boost Def by 30%, possibility to minimize damage, and also reduce damages when guarding.Boost damages dealt throughout spark by 75%, and BB fills when sparking.Invalidate all status ailments, possibility to inflict random condition ailments once attacking, and rise damage dealt throughout weakness element.Boost common hit count and also grant point of view Idol as soon as HP falls listed below 20%.Invalidate all vital damages and also weakness aspect damages native enemies.Item Set

Stage 26: cool Jelly

Must kill in under 10 turns or else he buff wipes and destroys your entire party.Activates Mitigation under Buff wipes on virtually every attackInflicting sickness will cancel the mitigationPoison is key here. A trick right here is to shot to reduced it to just above 50% and shot to carry it under fast. If you can probably KO from 51%, I’ve never ever succeeded ( though I have actually come nearby ). Posion is lot safer, but it is suggested to shot both.

Stage 27: Skramya the ice cream Demon

Massive AoE at 50%Can endure AoE with just mitigation, yet if it crits you may see dead units. Mitigate and guard is a way choice.

Stage 28: Valmodora

Fairly simple battle. Just watch out for once it remains idle because that one turn and does something referred to as “power charge.” Guard every unit top top this turn as it buff wipes and also you’ll be fine.

Stage 29: please God Lagzal

Can usage BB stealing on typical attacksHas multi aspect AoEs.The thing to watch right here is for as soon as he states ( roughly translated ) “I heard Song.” and also heals. Guard all your units as he does a buff wipe and also pray he doesn’t focus target one of your systems afterwards.At 20% he will be idle for one turn. Guard or you will certainly die. The does a buff remove attack on everyone. If friend guard, you’ll it is in fine.

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Stage 30: Granvalm

Inflicts ATT DownInflicts hefty DoTBest means to respond to DoT is with HoT, and also massive heal UBBs. It’s a race to the finish, so death ASAP! any type of offensive buffs space welcome.

If friend beat the Frontier gate then congratulations! The rewards you have the right to nab are:

3 to explode Frogs – clean Stages 1-5

All Imp Arton – clean Stages 6-10

Imp Key – clean Stages 11-15

Sphere Frog – clear Stages 16-20

Piany Flower – invalidate all standing ailments and an increase BB fills by 1 BC once sparking. (Status Immune Sphere) – clear Stages 21-25

Phantom Gizmo – rise all parameter by 30%, fills 5 BC every turn and also 2-3 BC fills as soon as attacked. (Status an increase Sphere) – clean Stages 26-30