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The Spencer D. & mary Jane Stewart Branch and I.G. Residences Branch will be temporarily closed. All members are welcome come attend any type of other Club.

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The Colangelo and also Swift Branches room the closest clubs to Stewart. Dwellings Branch closest alternatives are the Diamondbacks and also Gabel Branches.

PLEASE NOTE: The Stevenson Club in Mesa will stay closed, adhering to the to plan of the Mesa Unified institution District. Members from the Club space welcome come attend any other Club.
Due to the current crisis, we have a number of additional safety and staffing protocols in location to safeguard our members and staff. We’ve modified ours staffing ratios for this reason youth room in smaller sized rotation groups, we have extr cleaning and handwashing protocols, and we will limit the variety of youth offered so we deserve to maintain these tiny groups as advised through the CDC and also AZDHS.
Boys & girls Clubs that the valley - Arizona ( Will open Clubs for impacted Families

In solution to the closings of a variety of Valley institution districts, guys & girl Clubs the the valley is opening local Clubs impacted areas during school hours to serve our members and also the greater community. We concerned this decision, regardless of the rise in costs, to have the ability to support our community.

We are monitoring the instance closely and also will continue to run as lengthy as we space able to administer a safe atmosphere for young people. As always, we place the safety of our youth and also staff at the highest level.

Serving youth who require us the most.

As one organization, we are working tough to be a reliable partner for our families and also the families of those emergency health care, publicly safety, and also essential business workers. This is not a decision that us have involved lightly – her health and also safety is our optimal priority.

Clubs are available to current members and open to brand-new members with priority being given to healthcare and also essential employees. An are is minimal based on every location"s capacity.

We are open to serve families that are not able to telecommute for your work and children that count on the school systems for day-to-day meals.

If your child(ren) shows any kind of symptoms or drops into CDC criteria of high risk, keep lock home.

Additionally, if you deserve to keep her child(ren) in ~ home because of the ability to take it time off or employer who permits you come telecommute, please carry out so.

Press Release: boys & girl Clubs Will open up Clubs for impacted Families

Clubs right now Open

Map that Locations

Jerry & Helen Wisotsky/Peoria Branch

Littleton Branch in ~ Underdown discovering Center

Louis & Elizabeth Sands Branch - Glendale

Swift children Branch - Glendale

Tri-City Branch/Thornwood - Avondale


Bob & Renee Parsons Branch - Phoenix

Cartwright Branch

Harry & Sandy Rosenzweig Branch

Jerry Colangelo Branch - Phoenix

Ed Robson Branch - Phoenix 

MLB All-Star Diamondbacks Branch - Phoenix

Thunderbirds Branch - Guadalupe

UMOM Branch Open to UMOM families only

Warner & Shirley Gabel Branch


Chandler Compadres Branch (Jan 4)

Gilbert Branch

North Tempe Branch (Jan 4)

Grant Woods Branch

Superstition mountain Branch - Apache Junction

Casa Grande

Boys & girls Clubs the Casa Grande club Openings

Clubs open during the job will provide 2 meals for the day and a snack.This school is one equal opportunity provider. Esta institución es un proveedor que ofrece igualdad de oportunidades.

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* is a 501(c)3 (nonprofit) organization and donations room tax deductible. Federal taxes ID: 86-0550646

Arizona State QCO Code: 20331 (Arizona DOR type 321)

Mesa art Academy (School tax Credit – CTDS #078613101 ~ above AZDOR type 322)​ 

This institution is one equal chance provider. Esta institución es un proveedor que ofrece igualdad de oportunidades. does no discriminate ~ above the basis of race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, genetics, veteran or special needs status