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SynopsisAfter a male is dumped through his girlfriend, his friend says that he go out v her instead! and also thus starts the hilarious story of a relationship in between a guy and also his new headstrong and also stubborn girlfriend!(Source: Manga Rock)


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the manga starts turn off a little bit weirdly however after a few chapter it gets good and that is really heart warming. On that the most wholesome mangas ns have ever before read. This manga is based top top the mangaka and his girlfriend. The story the their daily is funny and sweet. An awesome manga come lift up spirtsThe arts is pretty okay nothing too great but the characters are funny and have sweet to them. Iori is the girlfriend in the story and also she is an outstanding character. She is a comedic and terrific person the keeps their everyday life funny and filled with happiness

If you ever have a rough, stressful day and want to unwind by analysis a nice lighthearted romance manga that renders you feel warm and fuzzy inside, this is the manga because that you.The personalities are uniquely lovable. The girl is honestly the best girlfriend that a guy might ask for, and also will do you wish you had someone prefer that in her life.The feeling is likewise rather unique and I execute not think I will certainly get tired of it in a lengthy while.The last manga that made me feel choose this was Horimiya. If you have actually read the manga, climate you recognize what i am talking about. If you delighted in Horimiya, I think you will like this too. Offer it a try!

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