Walt and Jessica shot premarital counselling, Bae is contacted by her abusive father, Alex and Donna struggle a partnership roadblock, and Puma says a spicy date night.

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Ceaser provides a bold organization move design to placed Ryan in his place, Donna tells Alex around hooking up through Tati, and shocking news endangers the 113th shop"s existence.

Kitty returns to new York City and provides assistance to Walt, Ceaser fights to conserve the shop after the landlord jacks up the rent, and also Donna"s partnership with Tati changes.

Walt and Jess plan a location wedding, Ceaser stresses about the shop"s future, Ted tries to keep his love life private, and also the crew plans a surprise for Walt.

In Hawaii for Walt and Jess"s wedding, Ceaser leas a mansion, Tati reveals a an enig about Walt, Donna slips up, and the crew make the efforts to pressure a truce between Ceaser and Rich.

Tension in between Kit and also the crew ruins Jess and also Walt"s rehearsal dinner, rain threatens the wedding, Ceaser and also O"S**t discuss their concerns with every other, and also Alex proposes.
Ceaser comes home to reunite everyone, Tatti and also Alex bargain for brand-new positions, a break-in at the 125th shop looks choose an inside job, and the crew gives complimentary tattoos to vital workers.
Ceaser and also Ted confront Walt about the break-in in ~ the 125th shop, Puma takes treatment of his mental health, and Bae is uncertain around her future at the shop.
Walt come clean come Jess, Krystal and Rok walk public through their relationship, Donna throw a CBD dinner party, Bae considers what"s next, and Black squid holds a coat drive.
Ceaser brings the crew under to Atlanta to avoid an additional lockdown, Krystal takes worry with Spyder"s attitude, and also Alex is eager to sign up with a various kind the mile-high club v Donna.
Ceaser reaction to severe allegations indigenous his daughter, Puma"s in-laws grill him around keeping the children safe native COVID-19, and Donna insists on having actually her very own booth in the Atlanta shop.
Alex tattoos rapper Darnell Roy, Ceaser make the efforts to uncover out what"s behind his daughter"s actions, Puma considers a permanent move to Atlanta, and Krystal and Rok"s relationship is tested.
Puma argues a retreat to hold together the Atlanta and brand-new York crews, Ceaser gives Donna one ultimatum, Krystal and Rok reconnect, and a tragic event in Atlanta hits close to house for Bae.
Bae opens up up around how she"s been affected by anti-Asian hate, Ceaser tries come smooth points over with Suzette, and also the shop engages in a friendly competition for the title of lead artist.
Puma and the crew worry around Alex and also Donna"s relationship, Tatti it s okay frustrating news around her family, and Ted organizes a musical showcase special a performance from Krystal.
Puma considers purchase a home in Atlanta, Ceaser master an auction and also art present of black color Ink Crew art, and Alex and Donna gain an intervention.
A talk present host goes on a survivalist expedition for a vacation TV special in Adventures in Christmasing, premiering Monday, November 29 in ~ 9/8c.
Starting December 13, actors members come together for a wild and revealing brand-new season that music-from-a.com household Reunion: Love & hip Hop execution that"ll have everyone talking.
Stevie J, Mimi Faust, Kimbella, Juelz Santana and many an ext are earlier for an additional season the music-from-a.com family Reunion: Love & hip Hop Edition, premiering Monday, December 13.
The 305 better get prepared to roll out the red carpet for Joseline Hernandez top top Season 3 that Love & i know good Hop Miami, premiering January 6.

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The two-episode Season 3 premiere kicks off v Blueface matches Dreamdoll and Clarence White versus Queen Naija this Tuesday 8/7c.