I operation a campaign where a player gained a belt of fire large strength v a random magic item roll. Ns didn’t realize how OP the is. It now kind of damages some of the encounters because he just plows through everything. Any type of suggestions on just how to ruin the item in a fair method that appears like part of the story or at least make the weaker?


Unless you have actually the sort of partnership with that player where you deserve to say, "Look, i didn't establish what ns was doing as soon as I gave you this and also I feel like it's making the video game not work any type of more," there is no them being resentful, I would accept this item as component of the new normal and just advanced the stakes accordingly elsewhere in the game.

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Its not ruining the game. It simply makes encounters go really fast. I would put them against higher cr monsters however they are just level 3. So greater level monsters can kill them in one hit but never have sufficient hit points. It really odd.

Before you carry out anything I'd gather your players and be honest about your feelings. And also if they're chill, cool take and maybe offer them all a basic magic items that's less powerful as a bargain. If castle aren't, that's fully fine too. It's not nice to have your cool stuff taken far for any reason, and at that suggest you either take it it anyway or accept it for what that is and adapt and readjust the way you handle stuff. (Also a belt of fire giant's toughness at level 3, I'd be glad to check out something choose that in ~ level 15 lol) hope you and also your football player can find a systems that anyone is happy with at the end of the day.

How room his mental stats? Crown of madness, confusion, etc. Have the right to turn the belt versus the party and make them really question just how wise that is to have something prefer that.

That's an extremely an effective item for level 3. Ns wouldn't also ponder throw it into a video game until level 11

But the players are doing cool things and also having fun. Remember the you room playing with them, not versus them. And also that you are telling a story. Magic items are simply toys in the end. Level 3 is at an early stage to get that, however its nothing that completely breaks the game.

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What you could do is a couple of steps, set up an ambush with maybe some orcs. Have actually a handful that space fighting hand come hand. Then have actually a bigger numbers together archers that will use full movement climate shoot. Have the archers contiuesly moving. Store him the end of selection to attack, obtain knocked out and also dragged come a camp that orcs and have the belt stolen


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