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The Bel-Air Drive-In opened up in 1952. The car capacity is 300 and the drive-in is quiet in operation showing very first run movies.

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MichaelKilgore on august 4, 2017 in ~ 4:45 afternoon

The Bel-Air Facebook page says the place opened in 1952, and I believe it! For part reason, the earliest reference books kept wanting to location it in Osgood, almost 4 miles away, rather of Versailles, less than half that distance. Here’s mine data dump indigenous the Theatre Catalogs and Motion snapshot Almanacs:

TC 1952: Bel wait D. I. In Versailles. Exec: Paul Kelly. Cap. 250.

MPA 1953-54: Bellaire in Osgood. Carl Rief, 250.

TC 1955-56: Bel waiting in Osgood. Paul Kelly, 250.

MPA 1959: Bellaire in Osgood. Carl Rief, 250.

MPA 1963: Bellaire in Osgood. Russell Kelly, 250.

MPA 1969-76: Bel-Air in Versailles, 300.

MPA 1982: Bel waiting in Versailles, J. Holokan, 300.

MPA 1984: Bel waiting in Versailles, Chorpenning.

MPA 1986-88: not listed.

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Kenmore on august 6, 2017 in ~ 7:37 am

A closer deal with (at least for the Google Map) is U.S. 421 and also W Hopewell Rd, Versailles, IN. This ar is simply to the south of the drive-in which sit on the west side of us 421. The previous address kept placing the Google Map in the center of Versailles.

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