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- Whatever"s free.

- take it easy, Rod.

- open up bar, dude!

- Whoo! Whoo-hoo!

- Hello under there. Space you okay?

- pardon me. Bear... Bear-fucker! perform you require assistance?

- Oh! Oh! Oh, yeah.

- Let"s execute this.

- Hey, hey, whoa! Whoa!

- I simply wanted to let you recognize that the governor"s gonna need to leave early on for an emergency fund-raiser.

- So... Aw, she"s gonna speak in about five minutes. And then we"re gonna have to zip on out of here.


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Super Troopers Sound Clip


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Actors: Jay Chandrasekhar (Arcot "Thorny" Ramathorn), Kevin Heffernan (Rodney "Rod" Farva), Brian Cox (Cap. John O"Hagen), Daniel von Bargen (Chief Bruce Grady), Steve Lemme (MacIntyre "Mac" Womack), Paul Soter (Carl Foster)

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