Bayna-Lekheim El-Amin had actually been judge of assaulting a gay pair at the Dallas BBQ restaurant in Chelsea.

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Bayna-Lekheim El-Amin, the gay male convicted that assaulting two other gay men at new York City’s Dallas BBQ restaurant in may 2015, was sentenced this particular day to nine years in prison and three year of supervision after his release, Gay City News reports.

El-Amin had actually initially declared he to be defending self in the altercation v Jonathan Snipes and also Ethan York-Adams at the Chelsea restaurant. Indeed, surveillance video showed Snipes starting the fight. Yet El-Amin, follow to prosecutors, ongoing the hit after Snipes had given up. Additional video showed him “hitting the two guys on their heads through a hefty wooden chair as they stand v their backs come him,” the file notes.

“The situation boils down to this defendant took it as well far,” prosecutor Leah Saxtein said throughout the sentencing hearing, follow to Gay City News. “He determined to acquire revenge. … He provided a dangerous instrument to strike lock in the most vulnerable part of the human body.”

As the case was investigated, Snipes said El-Amin had used homophobic slurs toward him and York-Adams, who was his partner at the time. However El-Amin objected to early on media characterizations the the event as a hate crime, as he is happy too. El-Amin additionally said racism to be at beat in the coverage and also in the charges versus him, together he is black and the various other two males are white. The instance was not prosecuted together a dislike crime, and in may of this year a jury uncovered El-Amin guilty of 2 counts of first-degree test assault and also two counts the second-degree assault.

“The jury rejected your case of self-defense,” Manhattan can be fried Court referee Arlene Goldberg claimed at the sentencing. “That you did not cause serious physical injury come was just a issue of luck.”

Some observers agreed with El-Amin that he to be a victim that racism. A widely common social media short article accused Snipes and also York-Adams of exploiting white privilege, and many the the civilization attending the sentencing wore light blue armbands or headbands as a symbol of assistance for El-Amin, Gay City News notes. He likewise spoke in ~ the hearing, explicate his accusers as “drunk white males who feeling they to be entitled to swing top top me.”

But the referee did not agree. “I know that you want to actors this, your supporters as well, as an issue around race,” Goldberg said. “I don’t watch it the way. … once you choose up the chair, that was a criminal act the cannot it is in excused.”

El-Amin’s lawyer had actually sought the minimum sentence, three and also a half years, for the fees on i m sorry he was convicted. The prosecution seek 12 years plus 5 years the post-release supervision. El-Amin has a document of 29 felony convictions throughout several states, Saxtein said.

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El-Amin completed he shouldn’t be judged top top his past behavior and also that the is now a different man, connected in ar service. “Yes, I have a previous record,” he claimed in court today, follow the paper. “I very own up come that. I paid for everything I’ve done.”

Snipes and also York-Adams did not attend the hearing. They room no longer a couple, and York-Adams currently lives in Tennessee, while Snipes still lives in brand-new York City, Gay City News reports.