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This Aqua teenager Hunger pressure t-shirt features the four main characters from the famous animated series. The shirt shows master Shake, Frylock, Meatwad, and Carl Brutananadilewski.The surreal series Aqua teen Hunger pressure centers ~ above three fast food roommates and also their neighbor. The three roommates are grasp Shake, a selfish milkshake; Frylock, a friendly box of french fries; and also Meatwad, a shapeshifting ball of soil meat. Your neighbor is a balding male named Carl, who is ignorant and vulgar to the allude that he causes the quick food personalities nothing but grief.Aqua teenager Hunger pressure is together bizarre as it is hilarious, and it is among the most popular collection in the background of Cartoon Network. Anyone will recognize you are a fan as soon as you wear this Aqua teen Hunger pressure t-shirt!

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SizeWidth (A)Length (B)
Small 17.5"(44cm) 27.0"(69cm)
Medium 19.0"(48cm) 29.5"(75cm)
Large 21.5"(55cm) 29.5"(75cm)
XL 23.0"(58cm) 31.0"(79cm)
XLT 23.0"(58cm) 32.0"(81cm)
2XL 25.0"(64cm) 31.5"(80cm)
2XLT 25.5"(65cm) 34.0"(86cm)
3XL 29.0"(74cm) 33.0"(84cm)
3XLT 28.0"(71cm) 35.5"(90cm)
4XL 28.0"(71cm) 32.0"(81cm)
5XL 31.0"(79cm) 33.5"(85cm)

*Bust or chest is done by doubling the broad measurement. *For full circumference the the waistline, dual the belt measurement. *Due come the flexible nature of ours fabrics, permit one customs of sports from these measurements.

Distressed describes the worn appearance in the image or lettering on a garment. A distressed print may include faded areas, missing color, or various other irregularities. This is one intentional occurrence in the product and adds come the vintage look of the design.

Pre-shrunk to keep a great fit (In case your mom didn"t call you, all cotton shrinks in the dryer, also pre-shrunk).


T-shirts of conventional SOFTNESS room composed of timeless material and are thought about to it is in your traditional weight classic T-shirts.


I just had my an initial experience with music-from-a.com and let me phone call you, ns will have more! I had something to exchange. Called around it ~ above Tuesday (Labor day week), had actually the shirt returned and the new shirt in mine hand through Friday! v lots of communication by the staff. Love the shirts, however love the site and will certainly recommend it come others.

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