It"s April 1st everyone.Even though there"s a fake leak day-to-day in the stop Community, trollers will be an ext active today. So simply be cautious and also don"t believe everything girlfriend read/watch ~ above the internet.And ns made a fake banner "Leak" to make a point. It"s naught on the level of ArtsiOmni Rayman "Leak" ago on SSB4 or the infamous Grinch "Leak" last year. Yet I tried my best.If you view anyone make the efforts to usage my banner as a "leak," Rat castle out. Or is someone mistook this together real, please lead them below to tell lock it"s fakeAll I desire to carry out is simply warn civilization today to be extra cautious.But speak of leaks.There space 16 dummy slots in world Of Light, 1 of i m sorry was supplied of Piranha Plant.… So another slot will be provided for Joker, leaving 14So ns edited some very requested characters in the banner too with few of my an individual characters.Joker is above SnakeCan you find and also guess the other 14 personalities I placed on the banner?*Update*Sorry for taking so long, however here"s the answers and location of all the characters that I put on this fake leak. And also why I put them thereBut give a shout-out to
for acquiring all the personalities correctlyFrom left come rightAzura
from Fire Emblem: Fates: Who"s in between Corrin and also Wii to the right Trainer - I included Azura in really hopes for much more Echo Fighters. Ns doubt that Echo Fighters will be place-holders in the fighters Pass, yet just extra bonuses when the main DLC fighter is released. I understand that"s greedy, but I candid think Echo fighters aren"t end up just yet. They can"t introduce a new concept the characters and not continue on the in DLCSora from Kingdom Hearts: Who"s alongside Simon Belmont - A highly renowned requested personality in the fan-base. Yet I think one more Square Enix rep, will get in. That I will point out on the following lineErdrick indigenous Dragon Quest: Who"s behind Piranha tree - Dragon Quest has actually been gaining a many attention lately, especially when in supervisor Smash Bros can be fried there to be a codename called "Brave" in the coding. In Japan Erdrick"s Japanese name mean "bravery" and this was later under suspicions when "The manager of HAL Laboratories, Kumazaki Shinya, has just do an Instagram post about "The Brave"s Shield," a Dragon search shield in the game. There"s simply too countless theories pointing for Erdrick joining SmashSpyro from Spyro the Dragon: Located over Bowser and Yoshi (reptile bros) - Anotherpopular asked for character in the fan-base. Yet I think that another Activision might get in before Spyro who we will obtain to later onTravis indigenous No an ext Heroes: He"s just above Cloud Strife - SUDA51 is friends v Sakurai, so he might convince Sakurai to put Travis in Smash, granted SUDA51 claimed in an interview that Travis won"t it is in in Smash. Granted, that could"ve just said that due to the fact that he could be under contract to no say anything. *Side-note* Travis will have an alt in between his initial look and his Travis Strikes Again lookJibanyan indigenous Yokai Watch: top top the best side the Pikachu, since you understand gaming and also anime mascots duking it out - I believe Level5 does deserve to be have a rep in Smash. Jibanyan could bring younger pan of Yokai watch to Smash presenting them to more gaming franchises. Although part fans may argue the Professor Layton from the Professor Layton games, should be the Level5 rep.Shantae indigenous Shantae: ~ above the appropriate side the Inkling.A highly popular requested character and rep for the Indie games. Shantae has actually a long background on Nintendo consoles and her gamings have been becoming quite renowned lately, therefore she has actually a decent shot. And also we still have no idea if spirits deconfirm potential fighters because that SmashBanjo and Kazooie indigenous Banjo & Kazooie: in ~ Ganondorf -A highly renowned requested character, ago on the WiiU/3DS Smash the Phil Spencer Is Still open up To Banjo and Kazooie appearing In at sight Smash Bros. And also there"s to be a most Rare spirits in the coding the SmashHeihachi from Tekken: between Zero-Suit Samus and Ness -A highly well-known requested character, Heihachi was claimed to appear inWiiU/3DS Smash yet Sakurai didn"t know just how to do him work maybe now he figured the out. Additionally Bandai-Namco deserve to have an additional rep. Another possible Bandai-Namco rep will certainly be mentioned after the following characterCrash native Crash Bandicoot: between Marth and also Villager on his left and also Pokémon Trainer on his right -A highly popular requested character. A good rep forActivision as I mentioned earlier on Spyro"s line. Craah Bandicoot"s N"Sane Trilogy was announced the very same time as soon as the an initial teaser of Smash can be fried on a Nintendo direct last year and people have been questioning for that non-stop. Additionally a long-time ago Crash was a Sony mascot and also him authorized Smash in the visibility of Mario, Sonic, Pac Man, Mega Man and so on to relieve his glory daysLloyd Irving fromTales that Symphonia: in ~ Ryu - A famous character indeed, but where i stand no as requested. (But feel complimentary to tell me otherwise) and as ns saidBandai-Namco worthy to have another rep. Also the Spinoff game Tales that Versus gave us a great idea on how he can fight in smash UltimateBandana Dee from Kirby: Right next to King Dedede favor the faithful soldier that his. Granted I know the Smash battle aircraft pass will gain an ext hype adding long awaited third party personalities in Smash. Yet there space still Nintendo characters that are still wait for their lot deserve chance in SmashRayman from Rayman: Just over Chrom - Rayman had actually a Trophy inWiiU/3DS Smash. And also Ubisoft has made good collaboration gamings for the Switch, Mario = Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and Starlink: fight For Atlas, with exclusive contents for the Switch v Starfox. So Rayman being the Ubisoft rep is an ext than earned. And also just favor Shantae,we still have no idea if soul deconfirm potential fighters because that SmashDixie Kong from Donkey Kong: above Ridley"s head- together I said with Bandana Deethere room still Nintendo characters that space still waiting for their lot deserve chance in Smash. Yet I don"t think Dixie won"t get a large hype together Fighters pass contender.

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For this reason her ideal shot is being hopefully an extra bonus Echo Fighter because that Diddy Kong in hopes we obtain Echo Fighters together a little extra bonus. No taking the place as a brand brand-new fighter and taking a ar in the fighters Pass