Answering Jihad is a personal, challenging, and respectful answer come the countless questions neighboring jihad. Explore what jihad is, exactly how it relates come ISIS and Islamic terrorism today, and also the many appropriate response we need to make.

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"How must we prize jihad? This question is prove to be one of the an ext pressing and also problematic of our time."

"There is a much better way forward, a way that upholds both truth and compassion."

"Fear and fighting, both fuel the radical fires. We require something that division the cycle, and also I think that deserve to only be love."

"Even though Muslims are often raised through the teaching that "Islam is the faith of peace," once they examine the texts for themselves, lock are faced with the fact that Muhammad and also the Quran speak to for jihad. They will stand in ~ the crossroads for just so long before they select what path they will take—apostasy, apathy, or radicalization."

"The last marching stimulate of Islam is jihad. The final marching orders of Christians are grace and also love."


The mass shooting in mountain Bernardino was the most lethal terror attack on American soil due to the fact that 9/11, and it come on the heels the a coordinated assault on Paris. There is no concern that innocents have actually been slaughtered in the name of Allah, and that jihad progressively impinges upon our lives.

But perform terrorists’ actions in reality reflect the religion of Islam? What around our peaceful Muslim neighbors?

Setting next speculation and also competing voices, Answering Jihad offers insights to the inquiries we room all trying to answer. What really is jihad? Who are the true Muslims—violent or peaceful Muslims? Is Islam a “religion that peace?” and also perhaps many important… exactly how are we to move forward?

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Table that Contents

Preface: A far better Way front Introduction: understanding Jihad and Our Muslim Neighbors

PART 1: THE origins OF JIHADQuestion 1: What Is Islam?Question 2: Is Islam “a religious beliefs of Peace”?Question 3: What Is Jihad?Question 4: Is Jihad in the Quran and the Life that Muhammad?Question 5: What Is Sharia?Question 6: to be Islam spread by the Sword?

PART 2: JIHAD TODAYQuestion 7: What Is Radical Islam?Question 8: go Islam need a Reformation?Question 9: Who room Al-Qaida, ISIS, and Boko Haram?Question 10: Who space the True Muslims—Violent or serene Muslims?Question 11: Why room Muslims being Radicalized?Question 12: are Muslims Trying to Take over the West with Sharia?

PART 3: JIHAD IN JUDEO-CHRISTIAN CONTEXTQuestion 13: do Muslims and also Christians worship the exact same God?Question 14: Why execute Some Christians contact God “Allah”?Question 15: just how Does Jihad Compare v Old testimony Warfare?Question 16: What walk Jesus Teach about Violence?Question 17: just how Does Jihad Compare through the Crusades?Question 18: What does Jesus have to Do through Jihad?