Pop music deserve to be a barren field for trial and error that regularly makes music lover opt for one more genre because of that repetitiveness and also lack of character. An artist that is really able rest this stereotype and add some depth and also hip-hop come genre, however, is Jon Bellion. One thing that is for this reason unique around his music is the diversity in his choice for instrumentation and also his capacity to blend pop beats through an overlay of hip-hop and also rap. Numerous of today’s artists favor using a computerized beat, handing over most of the spotlight to your vocals, yet in Bellion’s case, he yes, really cares around the diversity of instruments and the great of sound and also genre in his music.

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Glory Sound prepare Album Art

It’s clear the Bellion has actually no interest in make his music “radio-friendly” just for the benefits of fame. He already found commercial success v “All Time Low,” and also seems to no be starving for an ext attention. That is just interested in creating real songs with moving lyrics and musicians who deserve to play off of those feel to produce emotional pieces that room somehow no too heavy to party over and over. Words “glory” in Glory Sounds prep truly encapsulates the depth that Bellion’s work and also it nearly feels favor there is going come be an ext to the story here. It almost feels choose Glory Sound prepare is a jumping off suggest for whole Jon Bellion created and also curated adventure in music. That feels (and sounds) big.

The album chin flaunts 10 tracks including up to a full running time of 40 minutes and each tracks sounds distinct. His multidimensional songwriting is a bonus come his impeccable distribution (whether it it is in mellow falsetto highs or rapping) in every song. When listening come a Bellion album, you have the right to tell the he is a perfectionist and also this album renders that even clearer. No string was left loose in this record. You can see just how Bellion and also his team very closely engineer Stupid Deep in the record studio in his behind the scenes video below:

Throughout the course of the album, I never ever felt a feeling of boredom nor did ns zone out as one can do when listening to an album all the method through. There is never ever a solitary moment whereby I had to force myself to listen to his songs. Instead, mine mind was compelling me to put the album ~ above repeat as I needed an ext and also wished there were an ext tracks. Absolutely an AOTY contender and surely a impressive album that an extremely well fills an industry need for an excellent music.

If I had actually to score it, it’s a 10 the end of 10. Go listen. You won’t it is in disappointed.

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