Alex Cabrera, 17, seemed to grimace together he walked out of the Broward juvenile Detention facility Wednesday. He and his mother, Michelle Surgeon, talked around his arrest Aug. 14 through Hollywood Police. Cabrera claims they roughed the up because that no reason."data-ellipsis="false">

Flanked by his parents, 17-year-old Alex Cabrera seemed to grimace together he walked out of the Broward youth Detention facility Wednesday.

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"I’m happy to it is in out. Ns glad I"m walking to gain some real clinical attention,” the said.

On Aug. 14 Hollywood Police arrested Cabrera – and the takedown was caught on video. Cabrera says they roughed that up for no reason.

As he to be released from custody Wednesday, Cabrera wore an ankle monitor – and also the exact same orange shirt he’d been wearing on the job of his arrest.

"When he punched me, the yanked me out of the car, and as he yanked me both political parties of my shirt ripped,” Cabrera stated of how one officer treated him, together he gestured come his shirt.

In the video, it shows up that Hollywood Police punch the teenager and also knee him in the head, and also one officer keeps a knee ~ above Cabrera’s neck many of the time, even though he appears to be handcuffed behind the back.

Cabrera said he blacked the end as officers beat him on the head.

But he additionally recalled something he stated they told him throughout the incident. “They stated I"m happy it wasn"t nighttime,” Cabrera said.

Police claimed Cabrera led them on a high-speed chase, blowing through red lights and also even ramming his auto into a police car in reverse.



But, according to Cabrera, "The police cruiser hit me in the earlier as ns was driving."

"I never ever put it in reverse, I preserved going straight, the police cruiser struggle me, and so that wouldn"t obtain in trouble, he said I fight him,” Cabrera said.

He deals with charges of possession the marijuana, aggravated battery on an officer and resisting one officer without violence.

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Cabrera’s parental Agustin Cabrera and also Michelle Surgeon have actually filed a complaint v the Hollywood Police Department’s inner affairs unit, and police have said that inner affairs is investigating.

"I have enormous head pain, ns have massive neck pain. When I came in here I had actually two black eyes, my left eye can not open, and my neck to be so stiff i still have to turn my body to revolve my head,” Alex Cabrera said.

He hasn’t watched the video of his arrest, however his parents have studied it.

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"I have the right to understand aggression, and also you have the adrenaline going, and you yank him out of the car and you want to make sure you gain your suspect in there. However you plainly see that it was past what should"ve happened,” said his mother, Surgeon.

Cabrera claimed of police: "Just favor I was punished, they have to be punished, they damaged the law and also I did."

When a reporter then asked that if he acknowledges the he damaged the law, Cabrera responded, “You need to ask my lawyer."