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Prepare for Class
use these records and activities to present yourself to concepts and topics indigenous this chapter. Part content calls for software plugins. Visit ours Plugin assist Center for assist with downloading plugins.
choosing a type of company Ownership
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | ns | J | K | l | M | N | O | p | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z A extraterrestrial corporationa corporation hired by a international government and also conducting organization in the unified States< return to peak >B plank of directorsthe peak governing body of a corporation, the members of i beg your pardon are elected by the stockholders< return to optimal >C close up door corporationa coporation, group whose stock is owned by relatively couple of people and is not marketed to the general public usual stockstock owned by individuals or firms who might vote on corporate matters yet whose claims on profit and assets room subordinate come the insurance claims of others cooperativean combination of people or this firm whose purpose is to perform some business role for the members corporate chartera contract in between the corporation and also the state in which the state establish the formation of the artificial person that is the corporation that company officersthe chairman the the board, president, executive vice presidents, that company secretary, treasurer, or any type of other top executive appointed through the board of directors corporationan synthetic person developed by regulation with most of the legal rights of a genuine person, consisting of the rights to start and operate a business, to buy or market property, to borrow money, come sue or be sued, and also to enter into binding contracts< return to optimal >D dividenda circulation of earnings to the shareholder of a corporation residential corporationa corporation in the state in which it is incorporated< return to peak >F international corporationa coporation, group in any state in which the does service except the one in which that is incorporated< return to top >G basic partnera human being who assumes full or common responsibility for operating a business general partnershipa service co-owned by 2 or more general partner who room liable for whatever the service does government-owned corporationa copy, group owned and also operated by a local, state, or federal government< return to peak >H enemy takeovera case in i beg your pardon the management and board of director of the for sure targeted for acquisition reject of the merger< return to optimal >J share venturean agreement between two or much more groups to kind a service entity in order to accomplish a certain goal or to operate for a specific period of time< return to top >L leveraged buyout (LBO)a purchase plan that allows a firm"s managers and also employees or a group of investors to purchase the company restricted liabilitya function of corporate ownership that boundaries each owner"s financial liability to the quantity of money the he or she has actually paid for the corporation"s stock limited partnera human who contributes funding to a business but has actually no management responsibility or liability for losses beyond the amount that or she invest in the partnership restricted partnershipa service co-owned by one or more general partners who control the company and restricted partners that invest money in the limited-liability company (LLC)a form of company ownership that provides limited-liability protection and is taxed favor a partnership< return to top >M master restricted partnership (MLP)a business partnership the is owned and also managed favor a corporation but taxed like a cooperation mergerthe acquisition of one coporation, group by another< return to top >N not-for-profit corporationa corporation organized to provide a social, educational, religious, or other service rather than to knife a profit< return to optimal >O open up corporationa corporation whose stock is bought and also sold on defense exchanges and also can be purchased by any kind of individual< return to optimal >P partnershipa voluntary association of two or more persons to act together co-owners of a service for profit desired stockstock owned by individuals or firms that usually carry out not have actually voting rights yet whose claims on dividends are paid before those that common-stock owners proxya legal type listing concerns to be chose at a stockholders" meeting and enabling stockholders to deliver their voting rights to some other individual or individuals proxy fighta an approach used to gather enough stockholder votes to regulate the targeted company< return to peak >S S-corporationa corporation that is taxed as despite it to be a partnership sole proprietorshipa company that is own (and usually operated) through one human stockthe share of ownership of a corporation stockholdera person who own a corporation"s stock syndicatea temporary association of individuals or firms arranged to perform a certain task that needs a huge amount of capital< return to top >T tender offeran offer to purchase the share of a firm targeted for acquisition in ~ a price just high sufficient to tempt shareholder to offer their shares< return to peak >U countless liabilitya legal ide that holds a company owner personally responsible for all the fan of the business< return to height >

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