Russian scientists have not developed a method for instantly transforming black skin white.

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Published3 respectable 2015

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A photo depicts a new technique discovered by Russian researchers to revolve black skin white instantly.

In at an early stage August 2015, several internet sites published short articles with title such together “A Russian Laboratory has invented a means to remove the black color Skin great of black color People” (with the faster iteration we’ve discovered being dated 31 July 2015). Almost all the articles had similar text (down to rendering errors) report that:

This is unbelievable and also yet real. Follow to a publishing of the Moscow Faculty of Sciences, researchers have emerged a chemical process to « whiten » quickly a person.

With a mixture that includes oxytane and benzodiazepine. It would suffice to continue to be for 6 hrs in a bathtub consisting the 50 grams per liter the water.

Then the skin peels off naturally. This is in reality the top skin great responsible because that the shade that have the right to be removed.

The activities at the beginning of the exploration has currently announced 254 world have been treated through this method. The Russian federal government may soon allow the reimbursement the this treatment.

According to Russian authorities, is one high worth for countless immigrants who might feel much more integrated in Russia once their color matches the one of the premises.

A strong point of view decried by the associations of person rights.

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The claim showed up (without evident origin) nearly simultaneously top top a variety of web web page of questionable repute, and also the picture that add it was demonstrably misrepresented. The picture was post as part of a Reddit thread titled “Sleep in the beach” released on 20 June 2012 and also has been extensively circulated online since then. Early iterations never ever presented the snapshot as anything other than proof of a sunburn (and the setting depicted was plainly not a laboratory, Russian or otherwise).

Most that the “skin treatment” write-ups claimed that Moscow Times had actually recently released an article around the purported discovery, but we were unable to locate any kind of report that also loosely matched their claims. Similarly, a Google find for “Moscow Faculty of Sciences” returned results concerned this claim and also nothing else. Google searches because that the combination of 2 chemicals cited in the short articles as agents that the skin whitening formula (oxytane, which shows up to it is in a fuel additive and also benzodiazepine(s), a class of sedative hypnotic drugs not well-known for results on skin) an in similar way returned just results regarded this claim.

Although the exact origins the this picture are uncertain, it appeared at least as far ago 2012 on Reddit together an image-based warning around the dangers of falling asleep at the beach (a much likelier explanation because that the photo than a show of skin-whitening). An old (and clearly unrelated) image was repurposed as evidence for a dubious medical claim.